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Pavel Kewew Levski's appointment continued on the template


There are some beginning of # transfer to Levski as a club. For the last European functioning there was time in Nasko Sirakov and Stanimir Stoilov. There were some shows for her, several "truths," but truth is obvious for who is unprecedented and those who can look outside his nose. After it came to the ground up, meeting with mediocre firm on Gerena, and millions of Champions League and UEFA some years of spare and poor management.

Blue Bulgaria understood the appointment of Pavel Kolev in Levski

Here's what they wrote on the website Trust

Not that the "blues" close to realizing a symbiotic club team, as is the case with the mentioned, but yesterday news The appointment of Pavel Kolev is a sign of a desire for development and change. At least a small light in the tunnel. Here's the time to open a bell, before to maintain the positive influence of organizing supporters in government, & # 39; her credit for this transfer of the largest shareholder Spas Rusev is not small. More worry is that for many years the few positive things in Levski are thankful for them, while the club is passive.

I do not hide my personal satisfaction Finally, Levski stood at a man outside the client. So, Bulgaria is amongst the few countries there is normally for you to be a soccer player from Thursday, and Friday to put on the costume of a director and start running. For almost a decade In Levski, the law is not to determine the responsible positions of the most. From sports coach to coach. How many examples as you want, you only need to roll the tape.

The good news is that Gerena felt that the club was not always a start school. This is the interpretation of the appointment Pavel Kolev, who has nothing to do with the average football manager. He does not come in the sophisticated idea of ​​a soccer player, but an exception to the rule that he will not hear a word of 'type' "has not even figured out of body", & # 39; t is a favorite of & # 39; the most capacious, with or without quotes, is yours.

He has languages, has contacts and has reached the highest international level, such as UEFA. Educated, cadre … His backgammon is perfect for Levsky's CEO.

All we have to do is find if the new strong man of Gerena can swim against the active one. For submarines are stoned and will be a lot, and there is no place for compromise. Especially in reforms.

Spas Rusev: Pavel Kolev's contract with Levski comes into force on January 1, 2019

Spas Rusev: Pavel Kolev's contract with Levski comes into force on January 1, 2019

"I expect he must make a complete reform in a club"

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