Sunday , August 14 2022

: P.I.F. Step 2 Album Announcement ::


Hot with lots of rock and roll – this will be the December 7th weather forecast on the City Stage. The city album with the most famous sunny songs and cloud songs will be released.

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Double discs have poetic sorrow soundtracks like "Tale", "Invisible Child", "Promise" and smiley melodies like "Juli", "Kolelo", "Valley" "This evening is going to be very special for us because the pleasure will double, we will each play two scenes and each band will have two sets of instruments. The primary will be clean and clean, but the minor will be hard and solid with a solid sound, "says the FIA ​​director. Dimo Stoyanov.

The City Stage concert will end with bass player Yuri Bojinov and will meet new audiences with the band Hristo Mihalkov. "With the glass we make a set of dancing people and Hristo's baptismal baptism will be blurred with songs like" Freedom from you "and" kidnapping. "We also prepare themed multimedia for the repertoire of the two scenes" Dimo says.

Double CD with best sun and cloud pieces. P.I.F. A total of 26 titles will be included, and fans sharing their emotions on December 7th will be given the opportunity to purchase first.

Tickets are priced at BGN 12 per pre-sale, and BGN 15 is quoted on the day of the concert.

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