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ONLY in SHOW! This job is not as one: TOP 10 of BG stars that are bankrupt in & # 39; the case – BLITZ


She is not so! Every second singer, actor or model is involved in business. They all expected that things would get their honey and butter, if their name would work for them, Shoo writes.

Many of the most popular and successful people on the field believed too much and decided to become their businesses and businesses. But everyone must look at their own pot and do what is best. Otherwise, they fall asleep, lose a lot of money. Here are the stars that have blended their profession and jumped into deep waters of easy money, bringing their bankruptcy!

1. Azis and Desislava
Azis and Desislava give friends as friends, and, as popular people, in creating their own club in # 39; the student city. She performs the night life "White Nights" – one of the emblematic songs of # 39; the wild calf. At that time, Aziz as woman and the fire were great, and Desislava was on top of her career. Although many clapping their fingers for success, they fled with fear and fight. The version was highlighted that high taxes are the cause.
This is not just a real investment from Dessy. Following Payner with a knee and crash, she decided to make her music club. He has invested a lot, but he could not stand firmly and has lost a lot of money. He was hard on foot, he was not under the top names at that time, he had many performances and sang for a very low fee. They did not find a full bankruptcy after they found a buyer on TV.

2. Renny
In the example of her colleague Azis and Dessislava, Reni has also set up a village. The execution of "As a bird" had the management of "Planet" club in association with the musician Emil Kolarov.
While the restaurant was well placed and the prestige were one of the most elite places in Sofia, Renee finally came in and slept. At that time, Reni wants to have this age of her life and the financial loss that she has had at that time. She was convinced that success in one business was not a guarantee of success in others. Reni was at the top of her career in Bulgaria and Serbia, publishing an album for an album and enjoying a great audience.
Unfortunately, she was able to keep her glory and success, offering her career in the name of her family and her scholar. He moved to Israel to the place where he did not divide. Now he is trying to re-create his musical career, but it is hard to check with his young ambitious college.

3. Zlatka Raikova
The ambitious playmaker Zlatka Raikova, who has decided to make a business with a marriage agency, failed. Rusokoska left with a tearing tail or the room she had rented to organize weddings.
Zlatka started her own business with the idea that she would run because her name would work her. Yes, well, its scandalous glory has played a bad speech. It seems that the prospective bridesmaids are afraid of 'ribbons of Raikova's and lie down, and their care, too.
Her office was in the Tusary Manastirsky libadi district. She had her complaints to her friends that she had no clients and the company could not. The room here is not small – 1500 lasts per month. At least the first cashier was not paid, and her dan-friend Paul, nowadays a part of the Folksong of Preslava. For Zlatka's shock he came as 150,000 leva.
With that money Zlatka could buy an apartment in the center of Sofia, not to clear the egg that she was a company, a woman who lost her competitors.

4. Camellia
Kamelia holds in with her partner Tsvetin Tomov a company for selling green energy. "Kaegerji Groep" is registered for a long time in Plovdiv. How, and why Camelia is doing her business, is not clear, and the singer does not seem to mind her. "It's past, I just have to look at the nose," says the chalice wild.
Ten years ago, Kamelia replaced a restaurant in the center of Sofia. The restaurant "Sunset of the Dawn" is well demolished by the great cook, but soon the client will become darker, one of the reasons that has a parking permit.

5. Ivelin Popov and Elena Parisheva
Ivelin Popov broke his cup and decided to close the restaurant he had bought for his wife – the folk singer Elena Parisheva. The column in the Krasna Polyana district in Sofia is now a major sight – destroyed.
There is no longer a memory of the interior. Everything is broken, rejected and plundered, and the football star is completely out of its spinning routine.
In 2015, Popov was a growing man and gave the beautiful Elena a place to work. It was like a kind of compensation that they took on the peacetime of scream and categorized their singer career.
The family expected the bar to be one of the hiking trails in Sofia. Therefore, the player has locked the bag and made a unique interior, his expectations are to sell his money very quickly and then even win it. The renowned visitors have invested more than 100 grandmothers in the arms.
Not only did he abuse himself, but his investment did not get back. Elena accepted the gift and watch the staff short. After the birth of Ivelin's second heir was less time for the family business, and he died soon.

6. Hilda Kazasyan
The popular jazz singer and daughter of the musical co-star Villy Kazasyan – Hilda also went bankrupt with the restaurant. For ten years, they were Armenian restaurants, but at that time they had to close. During this period he could open three entrances, but only one works at the moment.
Both opening hours Hilda's programs taught the elite of the city and were very successful. Companies, actors and politicians love Armenia in Hilda's restaurants.
Not long after the beginnings of the client started to dance, and friends came to visit Hilda. The main reason for this was the poor management of the pubs, here's Hilda's partner Nikolay Pavlov. He had completely left his restaurant obligations and had no control over the upload. The reason is in Pavlov's game. Nikolaas plays regular game and loses a lot of money, saying his friends. So, with her third setup, she took her personally and smokes that she does better than good.

7. Ivana
Financial crisis has slain the folkloric Ivana, which has forced her privilege business. The singer, who is a graduate economist in education, spoke to his father, Todor Kaludov, a bus company in his homeland Aitos.
The company was registered in 1999, but after 2010 things were very bad. Ivana had to sell the company, so she did not go out. For a long time, the singer was empty in blank. Most of their money for participation was the company Valtic – Ivana Kaludova, until finally the cold wild was not mediated by her and now she donated only the allowances.
"The situation is very heavy for small businesses and I can not stand the crisis," she said to her accident in her business.

8. Aneta Sotirova
The actress Aneta Sotirova has since been acting as owner of the cultural "Gara for Two" at the Benkovsk Street in Sofia. In 2012, however, she had to get the fighters.
The bankruptcy of the coup was logical – those who have lost in # 39; The actress's "cufflinks" were often afraid to repeat, such as inside, in addition to smothering depressing communalism, the prizes were more than high, just as the Russian sap "perfume" was there.
The "train station" was formerly a family restaurant named the good old days of former grandmother in transition, such as Lukanov's wife, co-owner of Aneta Sotirova's restaurant and a friend .

9. Luben Chatalov
In 2001 Luben Chatalov opened his pub. This is his great dream and he has not done it for violence, but for tasty. "Architecture" is a bit strange for her – two hanging garages that are connected to the back and paint, so there is no way to disallow them from the theatrical decor. And many with heroes.
"I can not even eat the manna if it was yesterday – I do not know my birthright, it's dry, but I still think I have a house in Mirkovo, close to Sofia, there is a river and two or three dams. a large hole, I put a fire in and take two plates. When the plague remains, I place a fish on a single dock and a small fat, and a dock, with the other round and the rest shake, "he praised at the beginning of his castle.
Not long after that he had to say this grimace and sleep the pub, the bearded for his friends coming to drink for a drink and soup.

10. Stefan Danailov
In months after November 10, 1989, black clouds gathered on & # 39; the head of National Love Stefan Danailov. The college, which he had most helped, decided to have appartments and rows, began to rush first. Materials appear in newspapers, everything that he has as an artist and as a victim. The reason: he was a party secretary of the National Theater, played by Sergey in every kilometer, and became a favorite of communist power. Friends fled. He felt anatomized. At that time the actor was ready to give up his profession. Looking for a way out of the situation he went with foreign co-workers over the Balkans to buy ships for export to Italy. His phenomenon in the villages caused a turbulent view. The people came to see him and tossed about the sheep. At the end, when Danailov's livestock business with the fact that the Italian partners took the sheep, but paid for free. Then Stephen returned to theater and film, and Italy took over his roles in the best of his time.

Krassimir KRASSIMIROV, "SHOW" newspaper


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