Thursday , June 17 2021

One of the most rated shows – News from Bulgaria

One of the top rated natural air broadcasts cannot be broadcast this year. "Bulgaria today" has learned that there will not be much new six days of "Two drops of water". Forget about starring in the strange images portrayed and seeing musical talents, 90% of the program is & # 39; a television that it broadcasts. In principle, the show has always started in early February and participants have been announced months earlier. At this point, there are no "Drops" instructions.

Nova has already started advertising for her free show, called "The Drops", opposite "The Kitchen of Ada". Viktor Angelov's rotation turns into a half-hour on television, so a year ago with "" the show's producer, Maggie Halvadjian, tells nothing, and he is now negotiating with his brother the new season of "Lords of the Air." If they are not with Nova, they will probably work with private television and all their shows and series should be broadcasted. Nova will also be silent and thus it speaks about the subject of "Half Haljian".

The fans of the show, who broke all rating charts, ask if there will be another season to kill the fish. The show is definitely the most popular in our country in prime time and every year it is becoming increasingly successful. "Will there be" Drops "again, this is the most fun show." I can't wait to get started and sit and laugh at Zueka and Rachkov's ways, "ask the fans in the social network.


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