Sunday , December 5 2021

Oal rides again after growing US reserves ::


The oil fell back to the US

Photo: Reuters

And Thursday's oil prices are under pressure for selling because investors are worried about the possibility of catching the uncertainty between supply and demand.

A further cause of these concerns was the EIA, which resulted in a large number of oils in the United States as much as 4.9 m in & # 39; a week until November 16th. barrels up to 446.91 million barrels. This represents a growth of farmers for the ninth race and their highest level since December 2017, Reuters reports.

The price was reduced to a 13-month low. West Texas Intermediate traded in New York fell 11 cents, or 0.20 per cent, to 54.52 dollars a barrel. For Brent was the fall of 7 cents, or 3.11 percent, up to $ 63.55 a barrel.

The further increase in oil prices is the place for a background in the preservation of record-of-US yields of 11.7 million barrels a day. This leads to a large part of the fair price weekly, as in & # 39; The trading day of Thursday, US lightened futures with deliveries in January at a time hit 1,4 percent under the $ 54 barrel, and Brent pink oil – 1% below the $ 63 level.

We also have to add a statement to Donald Trump on Twitter, where he thanked Saudje Arabia for their contribution to the sharp fall of oil prices. He also called lower prices.

For a couple of weeks, oil was oiled by about 25 percent against the background of US and Saudi Arabia and the US oil revenues over the last few months and the growing worries of army-like-expected earthquakes in the coming year the expected increase in global economic growth.

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