Friday , April 23 2021

Michelle Pfeiffer celebrates 25 years of marriage

This week, Michelle gave Pfeiffer a program and introduced his fans into the romance of his 25 years of marriage.

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60-year-old Michelle looks great – love really goes … and she hasn't left her for 25 years, writes She shared a photo with her 62-year-old husband, David E. Kelly, on a romantic look at her 25th anniversary. The author, one of the biggest hit series such as Ali McBeal, Lawyers and Big Things, also sees very rare.

"I'm still the best girl in & # 39; room for 25 years now," Pfeiffer wrote under the picture that he drinks wine with David.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelly with their children

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She met with a previous meeting of her acquaintances. Michelle Pfeiffer started an adoption procedure before him. Of course, the child is just in time. For the day the baptism of their daughter is placed, she sends invitations to her closest friends. The day before the event called:

"Care, it will be a marriage!"

"The child appeared at the beginning of our relationship, and then I appreciated David because I saw him in situations that separate the man from his young, in fact both of us have to look too much in the role of parents, says Pfeifer.

A year later, her son also appears in dark. They do not accept their marriage – even today, at least once a week, they come to a romantic meeting. And he does not miss a day if he does not send her a mood of gardens.

"I'm afraid to be alone, I'm afraid I'm not alone, I'm afraid of what I am, I'm not what I am, or I couldn't be, I don't want it for the rest of my life I'm afraid to leave, and you know what I'm afraid of, Michelle said before.

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