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Mazda: Currently the internal combustion engine is a better alternative than electromobile – technology

Both, in general, electric cars are the bigger solution for car frames. This question, however, is increasingly increasing in electrons, which dramatically appear in & # 39; the different precision on earth. With this intent, Mazda believes that internal combustion engines still have the most significant solution to electric cars in the term of CO2 emissions.

At today's Los Angeles Motor Show, the company explores the new generation of Mazda3 (sedan and hatchback), where CarAdvice speaks with Speaker Director Manafo Hirose. It is the one who discovered the company that the company a believer remains in the gas engine and the ICE is in it. the future remains.

The Mazda3 is beautiful, lies on a new platform and offers a revolutionary engine

Mazda Skyactive-X: The future of gasoline engine? (test drive)

This will indicate that Mazza3 is the revolutionary Skyactiv-X-gasoline engine based on spark-controlled insertion technology (SCCI). The unique SPCCI method combines flash flame characteristic of the high compressor gasoline engine that is typical of the diesel engine. This means that this machine combines the best parameters of the gasoline and diesel engines in one.

Mazda Skyactiv-X
Mazda Skyactiv-X

"Every region is a marketplace on different methods of electricity," said Hirose. "Because of this, we have tried to get every water in each region, and some can be cleaner, because electrical appliances are a good application, but in other regions, electricity may not be able to, internal combustion engines can have more CO2 benefits. I believe that there are many regions in the world that ICE is the safer solution, so I think we're still in the process ICE should focus. "

Hirose believes modern gasoline bikes are still being developed further, making a 30% higher efficiency than you. Diesel will not be abandoned. The Japanese manufacturer believes the SCCI engine has a future, so it works hard for its further development and refinement.

"We continue to work on diesel technology to reach the ideal diesel engine. These days are SUVs very popular. These are big and heavy cars that the diesel engine is a good solution to reduce CO2. have no plans to stop the same. "

It has recently become clear that Mazda returns to life and the Vankeel engine. It will not run two-way dome (as is the case with the RX-8), but will mean so-called range extender. will come into effect after the battery is required in future hybrid models.

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