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Mayor of Vratsa called Bozhinov, declared the best soccer players – BG Football – First League

Botsw striker Vratsa Yulian Nenov was chosen as a footballer in Vratsa before 2018 to vote online among the fans of the local team. The high honor of the most deserving master of the game was presented by the mayor Kalin Kamenov on a story that's been released in # 39; a concert hall of Hradea was held. The event was opened with the hymn of "Botev" Vratsa, performed by the Vratsa rock band "Doctors Gogo Band".

"It's a great honor that a Vratzain wins the Vratza footballer prize, but for this prize, all boys in the team deserve respect for the manlike game and for what they reach on pitch. , and Julius wants him health, less cards and more goals, good price! "- said the mayor in his address to Nenov.

The footballer of Vratsa before 2018 thanked for all of his fans, leadership of the club, the mayor Kalin Kamenov and the coaching staff. "This price leaves me to do everything myself and not to develop the fans," the attacker added.

Municipality of Vratsa

The clubcoach Sasho Angelov and the star of the team Valeri Bozhinov were provided with special prices for the growth of Botev Vratza with the honor of the municipality of Vratsa. The trainer does not qualify for the price, but in an emotional statement, the commander thanked the high honor of the mayor, the woman next to him, the senior coach and his teammate. "If the team is a fist, we can move forward. Together we write the history of the club and I'm sure Botev Vratsa plays a qualification for the Europa League!" Added Valeri Bojinov.

At the 5th place, the fans put the captain of the team Ivaylo Mihaylov, after him was the young hope Emil Stoev (offensive midfielder). The third place was scored by top player Petar Atanasov, second place as Keeper Torino Krasimir Kostov.

At the center were also the most prominent talent of # the children and Adolescent school of Botev adopted in Vratsa. The top 12 round: Denis Mileteev, born 2009 with coach Ivailo Kunchev. The award was awarded by Petar Kamenov. Paolo Tsenov, coached Plamen Yordanov, was awarded in 2008. The young golfer was burdened by Lyuben Kunovski. Purpose of Valentin Valentinov, born in 2007, coach Yanislav Yakov was re-launched in the top 12 in # 39; the ranking.

The best player player for the 2007 was born Ivan Ivanov, coach Rumen Rangelov. Mitko Panov was awarded the prize in 2006 in his native country. His trainer is Todor Garev.

Miroslav Marinov, Plamen Spasov and Lyudmil Yotov from U15, with coach Lukan Lukanov, scored the best. The juniors of the prize of # 39; U17: Ivaylo Todorov, Dennis Yonkov, Valentin Georgiev and Dennis Rusinov, with coach Lyuben Lyubenov.

The ceremony was also tried by the director of Botev POFK Vratsa Denislav Georgiev, coaches, schoolchildren, parents and fans of the team of Vratsa.

In connection with the sporting events in the City Hall lobby, more than 60 children were presented on "Me and my family love Botev Vratsa".

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