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Living Room Providing 70 Years For the day after breakfast, the day before sunbathing with the transplantation

In the first place, which will be the same. Prosecutor's Sector, Presidents of the Presidency, Predators, and Ministries of the Supreme Court of the Republic of the United States and the United States of America. Today, Vanga, an actress of Neve Cokanova, Velo Radev's director, Macsim Patriarch, is there for a long time and has been suffering from cardiovascular complaints

Some of the best-known bloggers – actors, writers, performers, sports, lecturers in the Guided Tour. From the "Lozenets" base, it has been canceled because of the country's size.

Written by 1948 As a health-care providers, healthcare providers and prophylactic personnel are in charge of ensuring compliance with the institutions and providers of the organization, "Lozenets" is an editor for high-tech psychiatrist and a mental disorder in the field of pain relief. There is a large part of the transplantation of black and white brushes, inclusive and infantry.

They have been kidnapped by a medical officer who has been kidnapped by a medical officer, a chief of the parliament, a minister of the predecessor.

От поликлиника през 1952 г. It is strictly prohibited by the Provincial Council. Medicines are in place at the University Hospital in Venocrinology. 12 years have passed since the new building in the square. "Lozenets", which is the day.

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for the average of the average room in the parking lot. This is how it is possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of the prophylactic, diagnostic, and medical attention of the parties, governments, providers, and community agencies.

През 1983 г. The puppet is celebrated in the Prairie Clinic by Dr. Kiril Havelov. Afterwards, you will be prompted to sign up for a charter, without having to change the features. Преез април 1989 г. The belligerent was included in the event at the new military academy and was presented in the Lozenka Base. For this period, the surgery begins to be a specialist in cardiology and cardiovascular invasion.

April 1994 I would like to have a solution to the problem before I was in a self-contained study. The year has passed on to the Ministry of Health for Healthcare.

През 1999 г. "Lozenets" is a member of the National Laboratory for Nationwide Multidisciplinary Lecture. It is also possible to add universities to the university and to become a senior-clinical base for Medieval study in the structure of the Sophia University.

Today, all the clips in the diaper have 3-inch competency. Last year's "Luzeneck" is a specialist in diagnostic diagnostics, invasive cardiology, endoscopic surgery.

Many medicines with drug additives in Levitra.

Nine directors from Dr. Vera Filippova, Dr. Kiril Havelov, Prof. Emil Stoyanov, doc. Zdravko Lazarev, Dr. Todor Gerasimov.

Since 1998 Director and Prof. Любомир Спасов, кардиохирург и специалист в трансплантацията на черен троб. Under the leadership of the first in Belgorod with the unexpected operations on the card, transplantation and others.

The day after day, all the transplants on kidney and kidneys were under 5-year anniversary. For the period 2012-2016 In Bulgaria, there are 7 transplants for children, from 4 of them in Lozenets.

Oswald Todd Zivkov, who has leaked in a maternal patriarch Maxime, premier Boyko Bosis, who was presumed to be 2013 get hypertonic crystals, prof. Божидар Димитров. Before Septimius Dessi Plevneilyeva's family was born in Lennon's Yin, after which he became president of the Republic of Bulgaria (2012-2017) Rosen Pleveleliev. Not a few weeks later

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Sylvester Stalloon,

but for the rest of it. Бившият зам. Finance Minister Nakhit Ziya дълго бе лекуван след тежка катастрофа край с. Micre on December 8, 2006, and the millennium of the year has come to an end without comeback.

Освен държавни мъже и дами без денинит The right-minded painter, without being clearly formulated, is the cause of the most obvious brigands in different spheres. The Vanguard of the Vanga, the actress of Nevena Kokanova, the actress Válo Radev, the patriarch Maxim.



April 2015 direction The "Medicina" in the Sophia University is a part of the university system in our universities. From 7708 students who have been mediated in medicine, 511 from the Medicin Faculty at US. The Mediinski University – Sophia, at 5 pm – 2544 students.

Rating data for information on realization of the success of the pursuit of the last 5 years This is the year 2010-2014, but the trail is based on the Medieval faculty at the University of Michigan.

The average one is 0,57%. 90% work on a position that has the highest degree of education. 72% are in favor of Bulgaria, which is most likely to set 28% to be implemented in a foreign country. The average of 774 lows is estimated at the rate of 7,747. The average salary of mediins is 0.28%, compared with 35%, and the average income – 1155 left.

Two years later, the Medical Faculty of the University will provide students with 647 students, and in the MA – Sophia – 3332, take part in the training of graduates for 2017 It has been added to all mediator indicators in the United States – 0.23% of the workforce, 1306 left averaged earnings.

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