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Live with GONG.BG: Griss again in the game, took a set in Tiafo – Tennis – Big Helm

The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov plays against the French Francis Tiafo fourth in the Australian Open-Half Final and holds 1: 2 sets – 5: 7, 6: 7 (6), 7: 6 (1) lost the first with 5 : 7 and the second with 6: 7, loss in the tiebreak with 6: 8 points. Our first missile won the third set with 7: 6 after the tiebreak there & # 39; t 7: 1 points name.

Griech was beaten twice in the first set and although he came a breakthrough, he immediately gave one. The Bulgaria had more chances to break, but the US was more efficient in its chances.

In the second set Grigor set a bug, but immediately turned one on Francis Tiafo's account and came to a tie-break. There our first missile was won with 6: 3 but won no point and the Americans won 8: 6 points, making its advance for 2: 0 sets.

The third set starts again at the tiebreak, but this time is the proponent of our first missile. The opponents changed a breakthrough, as Francis Thiafo led 4: 2, but Dimitrov was again and again. The American has minority drawings, and this gives hope to a native-tennis-tennis player for a dispute in the game.

Curiously, Tihofo is today January 21 – January 20. Dimitrov-Tiafo's competition is played in Melbourne Arina.

In a victory against Francis Tiafof, Grigor Dimitrov will make the quarter final against & # 39; the winner of & # 39; see a match between Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdih. She plays at Rod Lara Arina.

Selected cadres of stock Grigor Dimitrov – Francis Tiafo

See the development of the live game with GONG.BG!

2: 2 The good service match for Francis Tiafo followed by a connection.

2: 1 Clever stuff and double fishing for Grisha and after reflecting on a chance to break America came second. He was also reflected on a good second service for the Bulgarian & # 39; s success.

1: 1 Well-controversial game, but Francis Thiafo won his bid.

1: 0 Stable play service for Grigor Dimitrov.

Fourth set

Third set 7: 6 (1) – Grigor Dimitrov reduced to 1: 2 sets

Trek 7: 1 – Grigor Dimitrov leads 2: 0 after taking one against the opponent. Francis Tiafof sent a ball out and Grisso brought 3: 0 to his service. New lost service for the Americans provided a better 4: 0 lead for the Bulgarian. Grisho's excellent goal gave him a 5-0 lead. Francis Tiafo sold at 1: 5 points, while at 6: 1 Dimitrov failed to remove and May 7: 1 name the tiebreak, and with that set!

6: 6 Grigor Dimitrov served in & # 39; set & in & # 39; to stay a match, and without a problem, his games are similar to those in & # 39; games.

5: 6 contested games where the US still arrives at 40.30. Grigor Dimitrov changed 40:40, but with a good service, named Tiafo in advance. However, Dimitrov came break point, it was prepared by someone like American Americans. Mastery implementation leads to a new chance For a breakthrough, Tiafo also maintains the game and ultimately plays the game.

5: 5 Francis Tiafos made it 40:40 with Grissos, but our first rocket kept quiet and represented the game.

4: 5 Dimitrov leads by 30:15 and Tiafo does not attack it and valid until 30:30. The Bulgarian had break point At 40:30, but the American again. After Griso had ordered, Tiafo had to return to court and do a second service, though he thought the game was over, but quiet and took his turn.

4: 4 Rare services for our best tennis player lead to a cramp in the third set.

3: 4 Breakthrough! Tiafo made a mistake, our first missile leads with 40:15 and arrived two options to return the breakthrough. With a firm service, the American reflected the first, but with a straight serve at the back, Grisho returned the breakthrough!

2: 4 Breakthrough! The American took Dimitrov's 40:30 service and on his first chance he could break the Bulgarians to raise his advance!

2: 3 Niste-stable game for Francis Tiafof and he made his lead.

2: 2 Grigor Dimitrov also had no problems getting his lead and the result, however, set in.

1: 2 With an excellent service, Tiafo returned.

1: 1 Francis Thiafo joined Grigor & 3939 with 40:15, with two points. Dimitrov's first, but with a nice service and out of earning it, came to 40:40 and won the game.

0: 1 Stable service play for the US and leading the score.

Third set

Second set 6: 7 (6) – Francis Tiafo lets with 2: 0 sets

Tabernacle 6: 8 – Our first missile leads 2: 0 points to minuscule against Thiafo, and ran 3: 1. The American also made a minivan, which came very much through Grigor Dimitrov and he advances in 2 points at 4: 2. Francis Thiafo's frontal crash and so has our first skirt 5: 2 but also misses his service. At 6: 3 In his favor, however, Grisho came three sit-ins. 21-year-old American fled to 4: 6, and then to 5: 6 after a major implementation of the network. Ball in the end for the Bulgarian and reached level – 6: 6. A double error for Dimitrov led to a 6: 7 lay, and on his first set-up, Francis Thiafo, he took advantage and won the tie break with 8 : 6.

6: 6 Dimitrov tried to stop the American, but he took his bids and aimed.

6: 5 Grigor wins his hand and tries to break the opponent to win the set.

5: 5 Dimitrov drunk the opponent and led by 30.15, but Francis Thiafo did not satisfy the result and, however, expressed it.

5: 4 After a new defeat of Bulgaria, Tiafo was led by 30:15 and then by 40.15 hours, offering new points. With a nice service, Dimitrov reflected the first chance, the exercise repeated and 40:40. A new great service leads to progress for Grisos and he won his bid.

4: 4 Dimitrov reached a new chance at 40.30 to break Francis Tiafo's service, but could not benefit and the American banished the score in a set.

4: 3 Breakthrough! The Americans won the first two points in the next match for 30: 0 and then served at 40:15 at Grigor's service. The natural television player reflected the first chance, but then he could save and save!

4: 2 Breakthrough! Grigor Dimitrov takes advantage of his mistake and leads with 40:15 and this time your first chance For a breakthrough in the game, Bulgaria made it 4: 2!

3: 2 Even the good service for our first rocket and he has played the game again.

2: 2 Francis from Tiafof's error gave Hope to Dimitrov at 30:15 in favor, but the US, however, was until 30:30 after the attack of the net and then gave his bid.

2: 1 Stackback service for Grisos and gameplay back.

1: 1 Tihofo leaves the score to 40: 0 with a straight background at the guideline and then gained his pay.

1: 0 Care stuff for Grigor Dimitrov and he leads the result.

Second set

First set 5: 7 – Francis Thiafo lets with 1: 0 sets

5: 7 Stable game for Francis Tiafo and he scored three sets of goals. With good reputation Bulgaria keeps the first, but on the second occasion America won the first set with 7: 5 games.

5: 6 Breakthrough! The Americans succeeded Grigor Dimitrov with 30: 0 and 40:15. With a prestige, our first missile reflected the first chance, but on & # 39; the second chance that Thiafo succeeded and again the Bulgarian!

5: 5 Breakthrough! Grisho left the score until 30:30, and after a nice run he got a breakthrough point, he managed to make use and win!

4: 5 Successful service game for Grigor Dimitrov, which saves its entry and into the next game, will try to keep the breakthrough to stay in & # 39; s set.

Francis Thiafo confirmed the breakthrough. He succeeded with 30:15 and then with 40:15 and two points for the breakthrough. The right act error was reduced to 30:40, and after good American service, he got the second chance to break. However, there was a new chance for Dimitrov, after which & # 39; t he also reacted by Thiafo 3 options for Grisho's breakthrough, the Americans win their lead and lead with 2 games.

3: 4 Breakthrough! Catch up with Grigor Dimitrov's service. After an error of Bulgaria's Francis Tiafof reached a breakthrough point and succeeded!

3: 3 The Bulgarian led by 30:15 at the competition's competition, but Tiafo turned and won his laws, though he struggled.

3: 2 Fixed playoffs for Grigor Dimitrov, which will lead to healthy problems.

2: 2 After many uprisings, Francis Thiafo won his second service game. Our first plane left 40: 0 at Tiafo's service and three points, but all three were saved. There was a new chance for a breakthrough, which was also reflected by the American American after a spectacular game. Francis Tiafo continued, but could not close it. The Marathon play further to Grigor's just forehead. In the end, Dimitrov returned to the game, though he was there 4 chance for a breakthrough.

2: 1 First the game of 0 for Grigor Dimitrov and he goes into the result.

1: 1 The American man also won his first service.

1: 0 Grigor Dimitrov started in the first game and won his bid by not rushing to the rival.

First put

Beginning of the match

The two tennis players run into a court to warm up and the battle begins in a matter of minutes.

In the previous round, Grisho convinced the 102th Thomas Fabiano with a 3: 0 set (7: 6, 6: 4, 6: 4). In Canada last year they played Dimitrov and Tiafo against each other and our first missile hit three sets – 2: 1 sets (7: 6, 3: 6, 7: 6).

The American first reached the 1 / 8th final of a Grand Slam tournament, until the last year was a third round of Wimbledon. Tiafo was 3: 0 (7: 6, 6: 3, 6: 3), Kevin Anderson 3: 1 (4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 4, 7: 5) and Andreas Seppi: 2 (6: 7 , 6: 3, 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 3).

Moreover, our best tennis player has knocked out three rivals – Yanko Tipsarevic 3: 1 (4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 1, 6: 4), Pablo Quevas 3: 1 (6: 3, 6 : 7), 6: 3, 7: 5) and Thomas Fabiano 3-0 (7: 6, 6: 4, 6: 4).

Tiafo was told Grigor

Griso's class and style bag below is Italian and is 1/8 final

Grigor Dimitrov: There is some chemistry between me and Agassi

Smarter will destroy the day of his next competition

The crazy "Dance of Victory" of Grigor's next rival

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