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LG can also offer from smartphones ::


LG can also offer from smartphones

Photo: Reuters

Binding smartphones are what manufacturers have long set in their focus of their work. More and more signals now suggest that the producers have something to show or plan to make that a single product has been recorded in one future in the future, Engadget writes.

LG is one of these companies, and its new trademark application can see what the names of the models plan the business plans and what the ultimate market will be.

On November 21, LG asked for a registration of three brands at the European Agency for Spiritual Protection (EUIPO). All three options, Flex, Foldi and Duplex, are classified as 9 category, with smartphones, so it is almost certainly that LG has stored three names for future devices that have the chance to bend.

Of course there is no guarantee that LG will use these names exactly. The request can be made "on a case by case basis".

All this way, "Flex" is not a new name, according to which the company offers all the G Flex model. "Duplex" costs a patent on a dual phone.

What the names mean, the assumptions that LG is near the technology market is. The question is what some of the companies first realize serious success in this field.

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