Thursday , December 9 2021

Kalin Kalpakchiev heads a combination of judges in Bulgaria.


Kalin Kalpakchiev, a judge of the Sofia Court and a former member of the Supreme Judicial Council, was elected today as chairman of the Union of Judges in Bulgaria. He will replace Judge Atanas Atanassov of the Sofia City Court. Judge Kalin Kalpakchiev is one of the most famous members of Judge's Union who served as Supreme Court Justice and writes He was one of the most prominent Reformers in the SJC minority and underwent numerous conflicts with President Sotir Tsatsarov and SJC Dimitar Uzunov. Kalpakchiev was also one of the most attacked members of the SJC by Delyan Peevski's media and circles around him. Judge Kalpakchiev was the engine supporting the judge's burden-measuring methodology, which was the only action of the old SJC, which was acclaimed by the European Commission.

The UDF's general secretary is the Supreme Administrative Court Judge Daniela Mavrodieva. The new judicial administration committee also enters Petko Petkov, a criminal court judge who was deputy minister of the Hristo Ivanov team. Petkov Judge's mission was to strengthen the system of granting foreign citizenship for reasons of being from Bulgaria.

Another member of the new leadership is Emil Dechev, a judge in the Justice of the City of Asia Minor, and he was a member of the Supreme Judicial Council in the final formation process. Judge Dechev promoted one of the most reformist platforms, but did not receive enough support from his colleagues to be elected. The UBS administration joined the UDF in the presence of one of the most prominent demonstrators against former Vladimirayan Sheva, the judge of the Sophia Municipal Court, Crashmiras Marlof. So the old SJC tried to punish Masgalova by rejecting the good testimony of a judge.

Other members of the new leadership are Veronika Bozova of the Vratsa District Court and Yordan Damaskinov of the Rousse District Court. UBB adopted the declaration that at the same time the election "is concerned about the apparent tendency to avoid court independence by the use of legitimate means, manipulation of public opinion and instigation of fear". "In the past few months, we have witnessed an attack on the courts regarding the exercise of legitimate rights, such as references to the European Union courts and requests for constitutional courts. Enforcement of the EU law to protect the rights of vulnerable groups and minority groups "We will resolve cases where representatives of other authorities plan expectations for specific outcomes."

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