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Instead of a title, PSG went away with a terrible shock from Lille – Football World – France

Second match only within a week, Pari Saint-Germain failed to make his title in the French Championship. Once in the front row, Thomas Tuxel could not walk his boys in Strasbourg, now they came to Lille to take their trophy.

It is the hosts that have the only team that has the theoretical chances of getting a prize, and although they are only paper, have shown that they should not be included. And they took the network of their elevated guests, who saw the unbelief what they did at Pierre Morais.

"The Pesos" sang their whole rivalry with 5: 1 and did not triumph with the trophy for the scheme. PSG has four goals in one league game in league 1 for the first time since December 2, 2000, when it was decided by the same result from Sedan, but then the team did not become that hegemon and it did not make millions.

On the other hand, Killian Mabée was postponed for an ambush by the home team at 7 o'clock in the home match for Tomas Munière's own goal. But just like four minutes later, Juan Bernat also came, and in 13 minutes the tour could be complete as Mabé's second goal was not charged.

The situation began to increase for the Parisians in the 38th minute when it extended its target Bernat with a direct red card and this suggested the storm to the end. Nicholas Pepe, Jonathan Bamba, Gabriel and Joseph Fonte have contaminated their opponent and made him with four irrefutable hits to address the outcome of the result.

The visitors started with a mood and sent the ball to it not at their first attack in a match. When Killian Babe fell, it was awakened by an embassy to the situation with VAR, and it was determined that there had been a penalty of "rules".

This led to a quick response from Lille. A free kick from an awkward spot was Jonathan Ikone's Juventus forward by the left wing into the better.

But the answer was lightning. In the 11th minute, Killian Mabé returned his big class again, conquering three defenders and uncovering Juan Bernat's ball, sending it 1: 1 to the far corner . And just two minutes later everything could be decided.

Because then, Mabé again showed his great class and speed, overcoming the defense of the opponent and putting the ball in the net. But after an overview of the VAR, the hit was recorded because of the speck in & nbsp; only after him and the status quo remained.

Again, Mabape and Leandro Paredes missed a good turn for a full turn, and Juan Bernat's right card for a rough defeat without a ball in the 38th minute, was like that for the future championship broke. To do so, the team created positions and, although he missed, he was not seen how he would fall.

After a while, Tilo Kerer set a tremendous position for PSG in 48 minutes and shortly to & # 39; t hit Lille the first time in & # 39; In & # 39; A 51st minute, Jonathan Icone with a nice pass found Nicholas Pepe and he put the ball in the not for 2: 1.

Everything about the Parisians bought for the third purpose of Lille, they finally broke. This happened in the 65th minute, when with another great fast attack Icone this time found Jonathan Bamba a beautiful match and he made 3: 1.

After that, the "pesos" enjoyed the field and were already in a pogrom. And their rival was groggy. And this fun has led to a real pogrom for PSG. In 71 minutes Pepe put the ball on Gabriel's head and he made 4: 1.

On & # 39; one end in & # 39; One day, Peppe got a second assistant, and after a corner he found Jose Fonte in the penalty area, he jumped his assistant Prisel Kimpembe one step and made the end 5: 1.

After this disappear, PSG stays on top and cannot be moved from practice, although the theory says otherwise. With 81 points, Paralyzers 17 for Lille are the ones that & # 39; t second are six ends for the end.

But Pari Saint-Germain has a scattered match against Nantes on Wednesday and can become a champion if he wins. And again, the first team in leading European championships, which is its title in & # 39; The middle of April will be.

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