Friday , April 23 2021

Infusion of patients with complications of a virus in the hospital in Plovdiv

The morbidity has been sharply adjusted in the past few days

Infusion of patients with viral infections complicates the pulmological department of the Plovdiv Regional Hospital. There are fifth deaths in the city until now.

In 5-year-old children, severe complications caused by "grippe" died. The child arrives in the hospital on Sunday. It was only accepted in the childcare sector, but it quickly underwent resuscitation. The child dies there.

"The child was worried, there was no stay in the transfer of the Emergency Center to the infant sector. It had bilateral viral bronchopneumonia. Even with acceptance it was accepted with this diagnosis. They are not too late, there are lightnings and in" 39, the first hours there is ecstasy, "said Veselka Moncheva of RZI – Blagoevgrad.

Dead by complications: Is Influenza the Cause?

At present, there is no free hospital bed in the police administration, and new patients are coming, the hospital says. From there, they made a temporary request that the base be increased to nine bets until the grip spreads widely.

Subjects began to grow dramatically at Christmas, and more than 170 patients have been on the rise since that time. Three of those who have been more severely affected by pneumonia have moved to the intensive care device and placed in summer ventilation.

Three districts in Bulgaria report a seizure epidemic

Up to now, three in the house have died due to complications of a fascinating nature, which are over 80 years old. On Sundays due to complications of grasp in Plovdiv, two women died at 40 and 42 years of age.

From now on, pseudo-students are arrested in the city until the end of & # 39; a week. More than 1,000 schools and preschools in the country are closed because of the grab.

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