Thursday , January 20 2022

If your breakfast may be abused, you do not have to go to bed


Ads, TV shows, and movies are always a bright family picture with a breakfast of dry ground, oatmeal or crossed keys. And on every step we tell about the benefits of breakfast, say that without them we can not live. But is it really true?

Good breakfast for breakfast
Nutritionists and scientists have long talked about the benefits of fasting. Misuse of the morning meal is a way to organize a small hunger strike for you without a police body. Together with sleep we come 12-16 hours without food that does not fit so strongly.

A short period of famine will begin producing hormone cortisol. It is a stress hormone, but it is also responsible for our circular rhythms and wakeup. Cortisol helps the body's fat and glucose body to get the energy needed to get you. As cortisol and insulin are at a level (after a snack of carbohydrates), the greenhouse effect is neutralized.

Therefore, it is much easier to lose weight than you may miss. And that's just one of the benefits.

Benefits of missed snacks
The soul will work better
It is believed that without eating in the morning can not concentrate in person and psychological activity will break. However, this is not the case: hunger increases the sharpness of the spirit and increases the reaction. When refusing oatmeal for breakfast, do not completely condemn lethargy, but you make the brain grow up and react more effectively.

It is easier to get on a diet.
In addition to having snacks, they also help the food easier to make. This also applies to calcium reporting calcium. If you have 2,000 calories and three meals, you get 666 calories at one time.

If you break off the morning, you will have two meals, but for a whole day 1000 pounds. So you are well served and you will not notice cookies between lunch and dinner. It is learned to have a morning hunger.

The feeling of hunger will disappear.
In fact, the feeling of hunger in tomorrow is the merit of # 39; e hormones. There is a hormone that regulates the frequency of the decent intake. This gives us a signal of hunger if we just have to eat. If you ever miss the breakfast, then stop the hunger in tomorrow. It's just a matter of habit.

The level of cholesterol falls

Cholesterol is the most important enemy of our health. Fat foods increase the level of lipid in the blood, so there is a risk of cardiovascular disease. Periodically, fasting helps prevent this by restoring the principles of use of body fat. Skippingfrommes will increase the consumption of fetal cells, making them an important source of energy and replenishment of glucose.

During maritime testing you improve your health. The level of cholesterol decreases, which means you will avoid the development of many diseases.


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