Thursday , January 20 2022

Hundreds of people protested in Sofia in defense of Desislava Ivancheva


Hundreds of people responded on Saturday to a protest against the support of former mayor of Mladost district Desislava Ivancheva and their deputy Bilyana Petrova, who had been in treatment for seven months. The event was organized by Citizens' Citizens' Citizens' and Civil Warmen – the organization "Green Mladost"

The procession began at 12 o'clock from the pillars of the National Palace of Culture and was three hours later on & # 39; on the side of Justice declared.

The Protestants were posters with the inscriptions "Where are observations?", "Freedom and justice", "Justice", "Release Ivancheva and Petrova" and others.

Tatyana Hristova of Green Mladost told the Protestants that Desislava Ivancheva supported her election as mayor of Mladost. According to her, Ivancheva and Petrova were "abominably blushed and greedy" in the time of their arrest, because they had five hours in # 39; to be in the middle of Sofiya.

Tatyana Hristova said the purpose of the whole action was to show all Bulgaria that there could not be an independent honest politician. In the election of Mayor Mladost Desislava Ivancheva won as an independent candidate against GERB.

Petromir Kunchev of "Justice for Everyone" thank the demonstrators for protests to protest with a request for the rule of law and not for cheap fuel. Emil Georgiev from the Citizens' Initiative has added that the protester also directed Ivo Hinov to support the Special Court of Justice, Ivancheva and Petrova sent home under house arrest, but when the appellate court returned the two women back to their homes.

Emil Georgiev said the judge Hinov had chosen to place the law, answering "pig media" and immediately after their purpose.

"We are not here today, but we are sufficient to see that there are people in Bulgaria that make the rule of law," said Georgiev.

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