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Huawei will sell Apple's 5G modems – Technical News

For years, Huawei has developed its own high performance and modems, thereby increasing its mobile device portfolio. In addition, the company has almost completely refused to sell one of them to its competitors. It is messy that the company can weaken this position. Resources confirmed to Engadget that Huawei is now "open" for its 5G Balong 5000 chipset sales, but only for one company: Apple.

Huawei is a company that tries to become the world's largest smartphone maker by 2020, and the offering of 5G as an olive branch to one of its largest competitors is surprising. At this stage, however, it is not clear whether the companies are involved in any negotiations – neither Huawei nor Apple responded to requests for comment in any time of publication.

Huawei's surprising change is really something Apple seems to be in a difficult situation with its few modem provider, Intel. The chip maker offers wireless modems that can be found in all iPhones and iPads and at & # 39; end of & # 39; Last year, it said its 5G XMM 8160 modems should be available to customers in the second half of 2019.

A recent report by Fast Company, however, means an anonymous source that does not clamp on Apple's "earn trust" to Intel to the chip maker does not contain any development sites. (When asked for a comment, an Intel speaker simply said it was planning to support the launch of customers' devices in 2020 with the multimode XMM 8160 5G.)

Huawei will sell Apple's 5G modems

In the meantime, Apple's longest-running rights with Qualcomm will continue to stand the chance of a future 5G partner competition. Earlier this month, the Qualcomm Apple jury decided that Apple Qualcomm had $ 31 million in three cases of patent ringing and the two companies would enter the judge on April 15 in a billion dollar battle. It is possible for Apple and Qualcomm to fix and collaborate on their current issues in the future, but it is not clear if they & # 39; be able to make the 5G iPhone by 2020.

Unlike, a separate clock from FTC-Qualcomm also made clear confirmation that Apple is open to work with various modem makers as it starts to write its way to 5G. Apple Chain Executive Chief Executive Tony Blevins said the company made 5G chipsets by Samsung and Mediatek as part of the "Project Antique" initiative, because it's not a single supplier.

Sure, Apple keeps an open mind about what modems it can use and Huawei is open to the idea of ​​a deal. Huawei Representatives on & # 39; e Day of & # 39; A Mobile World Congress has announced that the Balong 5000 "is already available" because of its use in devices such as the Mate 20X and the falling Mate X that will appear this summer as proof. And at least in the eyes the Balong 5000 looks like a chip that Apple will need. It supports mmWave 5G networks and is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. This will make Apple create an iPhone to build 5G networks on existing 4G infrastructure as well as "standard" 5G networks to follow.

If Intel no longer has Apple's trust, Qualcomm is not an option, and Samsung and Mediatek are not practical, Huawei's public offer may bring Apple to give you the components that make it 5G Passing iPhone must be 2020 years. Because of discussions of a different nature, we have the tendency to say that this will probably not happen. But also that the working relationship between Huawei and Apple can be beneficial to both companies.

Huawei will sell Apple's 5G modems

In now, Huawei will earn a profitable, highly profitable customer and open up a completely new innovation stream for itself. And although the release of 2020 is still uncertain, the chipset, which is previously interested in and testing, will give Apple more time to work its iPhone 5G.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook noticed the media and was displaying Apple's sales management, especially as a result of China's sales loss. If Apple submitted to Huawei in China, it will show that it is serious about telling the growing consumer class on its brand.

Although the potential connection between Apple and Huawei may be fruitful, of course, many reasons are why Apollo would deviate such a deal.

On the one hand, recent reports have determined that Huawei uses many Apple employees and chain partner providers in an attempt to & # 39; break a business. In one species, Huawei has said it has offended a supplier with a potentially lucrative control news to learn more about the Apple Watch pulse sensor. Also, after the information, a former Apple employee who was interested in a new job at Huawei, said the company was more interested in what they could learn about Apple than it was interested as a real candidate.

By arriving at a port with Huawei, even if the devices that come from it are sold only in China, Apple can quickly find itself in a difficult situation with the US government. In view of the weak link that exists between Apple and Trump administration, public consultation with Huawei may be the last thing Tim Cook would like to do.

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