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Huawei, Huawei Mate X and another delay in the launch of the new model


Although early in 2019, everyone wagered that it would be the year to meet smartphones, they are not yet on the market.

Huawei, Samsung, their foldable smartphones and why & # 39; t they become a mirage

Huawei and Samsung foldable smartphones are becoming a mirage

Huawei will also delay the launch of the Mate X

Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold were pioneers in & # 39; new niche of folding gadgets, but here are that months after their announcement & # 39; a pipeline.

In June, information appeared that Huawei could release the Mate X in September, after it became clear that the Chinese giant's phone, such as the Fold, was not ready for mass market due to hidden shortages.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and what will change the company into a folding smartphone

What will Samsung change in Galaxy Fold

The expected smartphone is expected to appear in June

This week, however, during an event in Shenzhen, China, Huawei officials announced that Mate X would likely appear in stores around the world by November, but did not reveal the reason for another proposal.

Interestingly, Samsung also announced in June that Fold would not be ready in the next five months, meaning their folding phone in & # 39; t would be out early.

Isn't this a thought-provoking strategy for launching the two most anticipated smartphones this year just at the time of the season when everyone is likely to buy new gadgets?

According to some websites, it is the intention of both companies to release their expensive innovative gadgets shortly before Christmas, if consumers are used to turning their credit cards anyway.

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