Wednesday , June 7 2023

How will the rich overcome natural disasters?


Two huge fires have occurred in California on November 8. To date, disaster continues and casualties are on the rise.

The fires in northern California are the most deadly in national history. A fire broke out on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and the average income of residents is about $ 130,000 a year.

Unlike this wealthy area, victims and missing persons come from places where annual income does not exceed $ 40,000 a year.


It is not far from the fact that while the millionaires protect the cheap mansions, the poor die due to natural disasters. Even though the rich are responsible for climate problems and are responsible for disasters, they are much less affected by the effects of the fire, because they show the effects of the fire. In fact, most of the media continue to travel with stories of injured celebrities.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hired a private firefighter frequently used by the whoppers and insurance companies to protect the $ 60 million residence. The speech of the sisters of Cardassian-Zenar was sympathetic, but none of them mentioned their private firefighters.

This week, the singer's husband Pink, who was a former Motocross racer, posted Instagram's picture with a white male armed group and blamed marauders would be shot.

Mrs. Shannon Doherty apologized for uploading similar photos to her profile using similar messages.

The Bela Hadid model and actress and activist Alicia Milano have been praised for using the funds to protect herds of horses, but only those who are really good can afford it and care about it.

Similarly, Ireland's Baldwin received a hypocritical complaint, complaining about the bold attitude of the police that requested the surveillance.

At the same time, the authorities arrested more than 200 police officers in the area to defend the property of wealthy inhabitants of Los Angeles. Insurance companies usually collect troops from private fire brigades, which consist of former fire brigades.

In addition, many people hire private bodyguards to take their own lives and protect their bosses from assault and theft.

Rather than paying attention to the fact that robbery is an indication of extreme class inequality, consider that the affluent demonstrates the lack of morality of the poor.

The contrast of the effects of fire on other caste shows a big difference. The ability to minimize damage from fire and restore it later also depends on the class.

Those who can afford expensive insurance can evacuate and retrieve household items for a few days. There is an opportunity to hire temporary housing and wait until the disaster has passed.

According to a recent report, the richest people on Earth have suffered the greatest damage to the climate, and 74% of global warming is responsible for only 100 companies.

This demonstrates the need for structural action against climate change. Otherwise, we are approaching a dystopian future in which the privileged will operate their systems and assets to avoid natural disasters.

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