Monday , May 17 2021

For the first time! Researchers examined anticorrositions

PICTURE: Pixabay

Immunologists from the University of Montreal provided the first laboratory tests with a unique preparation – an anti-enemia that not only has the disease, but also has "learning" properties, says MedicalXpress.

To destroy T-lymphocytes to destroy powerful force tissue, special "defective" genes are introduced into cancer-infected organisms, BTA reports.

The "antigenic" question was isolated into cells that were ratified by leukemia before they were treated and made to contribute to the destruction of caustic cells. The vaccine has examined the disease at the genetic level.

The exact mechanism is not described, but the Canadian immunolysis reported that in various mouse experimental experimental therapy in both parts and full healing of various cures, such as leukemia, was provided.

Human test for human vaccines is expected to go over the next two to three years.

Scientists have stated that the genetic features of human beings need more clear research.

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