Thursday , March 4 2021

Doping the scandal of the CSKA scandal! |

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Tennis player on the CSKA Thomas Neubert is locked up in a scandal with a scandal that saves Romanian football.

The specialist of the specialist is to be informed that he is a member of the Groupe Stajo's office, where he is working there.

This is a news report by the Newspaper of the Sports Portal.

The hitherto, in the afternoon at Neybert, is playing for "blue-crown" with the unrestricted release.

"It's a question about my methods of training in Styau, and I'm having a lot of fun, and I'm having fun with the stickers that have to be played on the screen, and this is not the case with the player who does not play the game. "It's a funny thing to say about it, because it's funny for me," says Neibert in the interview for Digi Sport, a quote from "Meridian Maach" .

"I can not say that I did not have a doctor, but I did not have a medical device and injection." "It's not a matter of fact," he said, "but he does not know what to do with the player. In Stiagua, in Al Hill, in CSC, Imam is the most important member of the Rehabilitation Council, and Rada (as a physician at Stiaua Pilihora) has become a resident.

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