Thursday , March 30 2023

Deputy Prime Minister Nikolay Prodanov was dismissed by the VTU.


Nikolai Prodanov, Deputy Attorney General Dismissed as an instructor. Dnevnik reports that Veliko Tarnovo University did not perform his duties in high school.

According to the university's message, Prodanov is involved in the dissemination of information from the media publications of Veliko Tarnovo University Illegal evidence of teaching ability 170 Italian citizens.

Prodanov's appointment as Justice Minister came from the United Patriots Quarter.

"We believe Veliko Turnovo University will revoke the evidence of educational qualifications, I submitted the wrong data. National assessment and certification body. No illegal students have received a private tutor certificate, including Italy. However, on November 5, 2018, Professor Nikolay Prodanov did not serve at Veliko Tarnovo University, but the Deputy Minister of Justice did not dismiss a disciplinary order There is. On the eve of the 55th anniversary of the Foundation's solemn celebration, Veliko Tarnovo University can determine who organized this behavior.

Prodanov told Bulgarian National Radio that he learned about his dismissal from his student and University websites. "My name interferes in a way that the Attorney's Office can not accept the examination of the behavior of the university's executives, and I make almost unacceptable suggestions from my abilities as deputy assistant attorney, I can have some influence," Prodanov He said. I will appeal to your order. At the trial of the Chairman

They dismissed Petar Haralampiev as chairman of the National Security Agency.

They dismissed Petar Haralampiev as chairman of the National Security Agency.

With the proposal of Prime Minister Borisov

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