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Companies IKEA plans to cut 5% of the staff, mainly from administration


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September 22, 2018

IKEA plans plan to work as 7500 workers in the next two years, especially in & nbsp; administrative districts. At the same time, the planet has the right to digitize its services and to promote its kind in the centers of large cities, the Financial Times and Reuters. The Swedish company plans to create 11,500 new jobs for the same period.

IKEA goes through an evaluation and transformation of its existing services. The headquarters of Jesper Brodin, said they have made many investments over the years that lead to duplication of activities. Therefore, the Swedish furniture and domestic laws will be distributed by about 5% of its staff, with the most liberal in administrative positions. The CEO has estimated that the cuts do not go to & # 39; store and store houses of # 39; the chain was made.

The Swedish group has 367 stores worldwide, such as Bulgaria, and its business grows. According to Brodin, today's transformation is available for rapidly changing consumer expectations and expectations. The company will strive for digitization and easier delivery of online services. At the same time, IKEA plans to build stores at central locations in 30 major cities around the world. The CEO promised that these business forms make 11,500 jobs in the same period as the cuts. IKEA-Group also promotes full support for workers in this difficult time.

In the case of IKEA, IKEA will slowly progress from its existing business model of large rebates, outside of cities. Digitization and a greater focus on online stores reflects the effect that platforms such as Amazon have on the general business sector.

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