Saturday , October 1 2022

Botev returns to Vratsa with victory, raised 6,000 at his feet – BG Soccer – First League


Botev Vratza eventually returned to his stadium "Hristo Botev" and commemorated the event with victory on the Danube river with Domovchiiski's goal.

So happily ended the exiles in neighboring Montana, I Vratchani, playing in their 15th round in front of their native Polish. And after 2000 years without the Vratsa's elite, fiery local fans saw their victory.

Valeri Bozhinov remained on the bench and was often the assistant coach.

One minute after a corner kick from Botev Vr got a hair with Yordan Apostolov and a goalkeeper from Danube Stanislav Antonov caught it.

Fervent Vratsani to their return home started much more vigorously.

Rousseau showed the same reaction and continued the battle.

The home side's penalty kick was wide. Stefan Apostolov consulted with his secretary Nikifor Velkov, and eventually the referees decided to show the yellow card for the simulation of Bozhidar Vassev instead of Danube's penalty. Probably there was a duplicate in Jordan Apostolov 's, but Vassev fell shortly after.

At the 39th minute Danube's foul broke and two Russian players missed the ball. Andreas Vasev touched it. It was a corner, but the judge did not see the situation well.

Overall, the game before the break was equally and logically maintained with two zeros in the results.

But in the 49th minute Valeri Domoviczki made a mistake with Prislav Petrov and passed the ball and jumped over 6,000.

At the 60th minute Ahmedov's assault was not confirmed, and Kotevi Kostov, keeper of goal, scored Marian Ivanov's goal.

Shortly thereafter Ahmedov dropped again in Botev's penalty area and was given a corner kick.

In the 71st minute Ivan Kokonov made a nice shot but the ball slipped through the right pillar of the Vratsa gate.

In the 79th minute there was a confusion in front of the Danube, but Domovciyski defiled the goalkeeper Antonov.

Botev Vratza thus earned three points in a match equal to the Danube (1: 0). Vratsa is ranked 9th with 18 points and Danube is 14th with 11th.

Botev VR – DUNAV 1: 0

1: 0 Valeri Domovicchiki 49

BOTEV BP: 33 Krasimir Kostov, 11 Andreas Vasev, 37 Ventsislav Kerchev, 20 Kostadin Gadjalov / 6, Daniel Gadzhev, 14 Daniel Genov, 26 Mariyan Ivanov, 88 Yordan Apostolov, 10 Peter Atanasov / 64-Ivailo Mihaylov / Nenov, 30 Valeri Domovchiyski / Hristo Mitov, 58 Atanas Fidanin, Valeri Domovchiyski, 7 Georgi Tomov, 19 Ivailo Mihaylov, 18 Ilia Milanov, 17 Spas Georgiev / Sasho Angelov

DUNAV: 86 Stanislav Antonov, 24 Preslav Petrov / 53 Petr Patev / 16 Martin Kovachev, 5 Georgi Dinkov, 83 Christo Popadien / 73-Ismail Isa /, 31 Krasimir Stanoev, 14 Bozhidar Vassev / 98 Svetoslav Kovachev, 9 Ahmed Ahmedov / Dimitrov, 7 Aleksandar Alexandrov, 25 Borislav Baldzhiyski, 99 Derrick Mensa, 22 Ismail Isa, 27 Muhammad Ndiaye, 4 Petar Patev / Chief Coach – Ludmil Kirov

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