Monday , October 26 2020

Big boxing among the options for the next Cobra game

World Champion Andy Ruiz, who took the titles of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, belong to the possible rivals of the Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev. This was told by his co-supervisor – Plovdiv player Ivaylo Gotsev before the US giant ESPN. Gotsev talks about the future of Cobra to the unanimous decision of a California sports committee to repair the license in Bulgaria when it was called because of the scandal with reporter Jenny Sushi. At the San Diego Commissions meeting last night, Cobra received 6: 0 votes in their favor.

His penalty of six months expires on September 23 and then Kubrat will be able to keep his next battle. According to Ivaylo Gotsev, among the options are two of the best boxers in & # 39; the world. We will talk to Bob Aram about his ideas and offers. Kubrat is a required candidate for the International Boxing Federation and we are in a position to push for a match with IBF world champion Andy Ruys. Tyson Fury is also a likely opponent, Ivaylo Gotsev said.

For a match with Andy Ruis, however, they have to make an explanation of IBF, because he will beat the Mexican retreat with Anthony Joshua this fall. Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hern, said he would have Cardiff's most likely host of a game that was officially announced. It's also question marks, as Ruiz said a few days ago that he now orders the music and demands that revenge be in the US as Mexico. The question is whether the IBF will allow Joshua-Ruiz's revenge before the Cobra defense takes place. If that is the case, the Bulgarian will fight the winner of this game, but of course this cannot be done at the end of this year.

Tyson Fury seems a much more likely option. The gypsy king is also promoted by Bob Aram, and a game can be much easier to organize. Fury has to make a second match with world champion WBC Donald Wilder on the bond between them on December 1 last year. But it will not be this year, but at the beginning of the next. Wilder confirmed he was giving revenge on Cuban Luis Ortiz on Nov. 9, and the Briton had no opponent for the fall.

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