Friday , July 30 2021

Bibi Anderson – World actress

The well-known Swedish actress Bibi Anderson died at 83 years old, a friend of her, director Christina Ullofson, told reporters in Gothenburg.

"Biebe was a great actress and unbearable humanist," said Ulshofon, referring to TASS. Anderson began his career in the cinema where it's not at the age of 15, in an ad filmed by filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Soon she became one of the stars of Swedish synema and theater.

Anderson runs one of his first roles in "movie"Smile of one summer time"(1955) by Bergmann, with whom her career is closely linked, she started in 11 movie directors, including"Seftich seal"(1957),"The White Strawberry Meadow"(1957),"Scenes from Married Life"(1973) One of their best roles, critics say, is" Nurse Nurse Alma & # 39; in & # 39; movie "Person"(1966).

In 1958, the actress received the award for Cannes Film Festival for best female roles in Bergman's film "The Threshold of Life". In 1963 Anderson became "Silver bear"at the Berlin Film Festival for Best Ladies in Wilmot Scheman's Film"Laws".

In the spring of 2009, Anderson got many sticks and has since been in an old hospital in Stockholm.

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