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Balletdancers from 14 nationalities have since been called at the Varna Center


Balletdancers from 14 nationalities have since been called at the Varna Center

The first show of the III International Ballet Forum is tonight

Five ballets are waiting for Varna in the coming days. First, our six-year capital has changed 70 years of professional ballet, and twenty because Krystel comes and people are sometimes intuitively looking for warmth and happiness in everything. Today, and on Monday, November 26, Charles will be the beloved "Cinderella" Catherine under the magic of ballet art. On the great podium of State Opera – Varna, at 19:00, we look at Cinderella – Elena Svinkko and Prins – Marcello Pelzoni. The music is by Sergey Prokofiev.

The show is part of the III International Ballet Forum – Varna, 2018, starting with today's performance and will be launched on December 16th with Swan Lake. We will see a total of 5 classic balloons: "The Arm Warm Girl" (November 30), "Snow White" (December 5 and December 8), "The Nutcracker" (December 12 and 13) and "Swan Lake" 15 and 16 December). In the forum will look for many foreign soloists for the first time in Varna.

The Ballet Forum will be held from November 22nd to December 16th, within the XIX CHRISTMAS MUSIC FESTIVAL, and will earn the audience with the participation of stars in the Russian Ballet and selected by casting artillery from 14 nationalities.

Interested interest is the premiere of the ballet "Snezhanka" by PI Tchaikovsky, the first performance in Bulgaria. Snezhanka is the "fourth ballet" of Tchaikovsky, although he does not have a lot of ballet. But he wrote music for the game "Snow White" on the history of Alexander Ostrovski. The premiere, beginnings of beginnings or musical dramatic performance began with choir, soloists and orchestras, was held on May 11, 1873 in Bolshoy Theater. But the music looks like it was just the basis for future ballet productions. The State Theater for Opera and Ballet in Krasnoyarsk also has its choreographic version for this ballet, which is also based on the cast of Snezhanka in Varna with casting soloists from Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France and other countries. In leading leagues, we will applaud Anastasia Osokina, Ivan Carnahuhov (December 5) and Anastasia Nigmatulina, Ivan Carnahuhov (December 8).

The ballet tells the story of Snezhanka, the daughter of Vesna (Spring, Russian Ez) and Grandfather Mraz, who died in love, but contaminated under the lights of Yarila-Sun. Snezhanka is one of the most inspiring works of Tchaikovsky, where he also sets a national Russian color.

In addition to Cinderella and Snow White, the 3rd International Ballet Forum – Varna 2018 will meet Alexander Gorsky's classic choreographic version of "The Bad Guarded Girl", Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and the favorite "Nutcracker" of Tchaikovsky.

On occasion of 70 years of professional ballet in Varna, within the III Meg. Ballet Forum on December 3 18:00, Rotunda Stage, will be the premiere of Svetla Traykova's book "About the Varna Ballet Retro". In text and photo, the writer focuses on the birth of the professional ballet in Varna in 1948 and his development in # 39; The next decade, aimed at the best ballet productions.

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