Tuesday , January 31 2023

Armstrong for Maestro in London's final tournament – Tennis – Man


Roger Federer, the winner of this year's final tournament, started in a convincing way to perform this year in London. Maestro was lost with Kai Nishikori.

In less than half an hour on the court, Switzerland retreated to a far rivals 0: 2 set (6: 7, 3: 6). The good news for him is that he can overtake this fact in the group's remaining two clashes.

The first set of matches was the dominance of the serving. There was no breakthrough, and there was not even a breakpoint. In addition, I got a score of 40:40 saying only about the dominance of the initial attack.

So logically everything was decided at the battle. Federer made a change in the second and third lottery, which led Nishikori to a 4: 1 ratio of 6: 1. He then turned one minivan to play three games, but the Maestro surrendered in four minutes and sent a long-distance game after four to seven minutes.

He started the second set and made a breakthrough in the first game, but the Japanese immediately returned it and everything went on 1: 1. However, Federer again won a gold medal in this set and gave his sixth match to Nishikori.

Asia stopped the game at 6: 3 in this part and there was a victory in the tournament. In another match of the group Kevin Anderson also defeated the Dominic team with a 2: 0 set.

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