Friday , May 7 2021

Action in a Doormat! Plovdivman placed employees and would have clients with a metal pier – BLITZ

A drunken Plovdivboarger was in the house and 150 cases of hooliganism were denied. He remained silent with a playgroup, confronted with clients and advocates and police officers. TrafficNews reported.

The action took place in November last November. About 1 hour in the evening was a thoughtful citizen of Plovdiv on & # 39; Saadini Strait dune pavilion. While he was waiting for a meal, he began to call the staff. There are clients with whom the oral rate has increased in physiotherapy.

The families were forced to wait. On-site SOT officers tried to bribe the angry man, holding a metal arrow in hand. But he went and wept. Resistance must be called.

Two bad patterns came in a minute for the regular restaurant. They were attacked by an arrogant and arrogant behavior of 'aggressive Plovdivivoarger'. The use of force is required to close the debtor in # patrol.

In the fifth district, the man lay in the night. He had received a certificate of small hooliganism, which was also ordered by the judge. Some days ago Plovdiv the Regional Council introduced a loan of 150 levies against the guilty party.

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