Tuesday , January 18 2022

A brutal drama in Goji's life, the singer gets a big blow! – Lightning surprise


Georgi Milchev – Good luck in love can not happen. The musician and his burning Nadezhda Doncheva do not really live like a family, even if they have children who will be in December's year. Instead of getting closer to the girl, Goggie hardly sees how his little heiress grows.

The musician is dedicated to the "Slavi Show" and personal performances and is busy from morning to night. His wife can not move in Vratsa.

Nadya was born and raised in Devnya, but met Georgi and started to contact him and then moved to Vratsa. This is the mother's village of Tsvetana's mother who liked her latest son-in-law as soon as she saw her. Hope was to respect and respect the old woman who was the greatest joy of the guitarist. Write "Gallery".

Even after she realized she was pregnant, Nadezhda did not want to move to the capital. After she gave birth, she baptized Goggie's mother, Tzvetta's baby.

The guitarist did not make an appointment on the weekend. Once a month Nadia and her baby visited him in Sofia. The musician tried not to miss them. She has run a small business with oil and has supplied a variety of foods with this ingredient.

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