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97-year-old Filipus was a jiggit – World News

The couple died a few days ago, Prince Philip was famous for his speedy drive. That's what his personal biographer and friend Giles Braddred told & nbsp; a BBC just days to & # 39; let him lead a heavy catastrophe in & # 39; e neighboring king & # 39; s king, Sandringham.

The incident occurred two days ago, as did the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh's ranger to another car. Philippe was likely to escape without injury but the two of the other cars were hospitalized, with fewer injuries.

In addition to the love of gas, however, Philip left his passengers, even though the Queen was personal. Brandt had said a scandal that Elizabeta II changed "offended" from her husband's rap, but instead of her, she excluded & # 39; take a car.

"See if you do that again, I'll leave you out of a car," said Philip to Queen Elizabeth II.

After an exciting journey, Mr Iwahar Mountbathan asked the queen why she did not protest at what Prince Philippe said, but she said: "You did not listen to him seriously."

In fact, the two-day event is not far from the first for Philippi, on the return of Channel 3. A book by 1954 John Dean discovered that shortly after Philip and Elizabeth II were assisted in 1947 , the duke was once again involved in an enormous catastrophe.

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