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6 essential kidneys for the brain

6 essential kidneys for the brain

Do you know that brain function decreases with age? Although it is an unintentional process, the lifestyle plays an important role in the attitude of # 39; the health and function of the brain.

Therefore, it is important to keep us in hand with hobbies, reading books, funny mind games, the prevention of stress levels, eating health, sports and missing important nourishes.

These are essential for brain function, see the following series.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Our soul also needs to work well with these important fatty acids. Omega-3 protects nerves and helps build new neural connections. Different studies have linked the omega-3 definition with an increased risk of cognitive decline that have been associated with age.


Although minerals are looking, calcium is the most important mineral for health care of the brain. It regulates neurotransmission and controls the nervousness of satisfaction. The largest "reservoir" in the human body of calcium is bone, and the intake of some drugs can enter its level.

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