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5 reasons for the crisis in which Apple's Technology was dropped


5 reasons for Apple's crisis
Tim Cook, Apple CEO


Although not in Apple's behavior is in crisis. That's great. The company has its worst month under the terms of the business market for 10 years, said BusinessInsider. There were a few problems in business that fought for investors.

Apple slays iPhone production by low interest

Samsung has released its folding smartphone

Since November 1, Apple shares dropped by 21%. That costs approximately $ 200 billion from a market capitalization.

Samsung works on a six-cameras phone

Why do not people get new new smartphones

It all started when Apple announced its financial results for the third fourth of the year announced an end of October. They were not serious, but they were not expected. Analysts and shareholders did not reduce at all, Apple did not sell less iPhone or expected.

On November 1, Apple hit the situation complete by reporting that it would no longer tell how many items the iPhone sold. The company argues with the idea that this is not a reflection of "health" of # 39; The case is and at the same time more and more users with additional services are included.

Another reason is that the smartphone market itself is in a contractual period. According to performance data from IDC analysts, the world smartphone market in the third quarter of the week has compared to 6% compared to the same period last year. This is also the fourth consecutive fourth part of decline.

Of course, this also influences the iPhone. Apple tried to respond to this problem by paying the cheaper iPhone XR. At a price of $ 750, however, it is still far from most consumers available. The new iPhone XS flagship also does not make enough sense, and even reports are supposed that Apple has been commissioning the production of both models. And this is also another serious batch for prizes.

Huawei has replaced Apple and is second to smartphones

There is the importance of cheap smartphones

The general economic situation, especially in emerging markets, is also not particularly flourishing. Companies like Apple are currently in the development of countries to increase their deliveries. In other countries, the market is already patient and sigh, and it is hard to expect growth.

And competition does not sleep. Huawei has recorded a very strong year by acquiring the market with a series of new smartphones that enjoy great interest. These models are more developed not only in the developed market, but also in the main areas of Apple. Among them is China, where the company grows at a great growth but competes and worries about more serious settlements in the country and commercial wars do not help customers' trust and support their alternative.

Smartphone authentication – The new user's Nightmare

5 things of smartphones that also benefit from laptops

Still, it's not all black. IDC expects that in 2019 the smartphone market will start again. Even if the growth is small, it will be welcome to all manufacturers, including Apple. The company can succeed and the importance of consumers with the following models, long as it has something new to offer them. Of course, 2019 will not be easy, especially with the expected graduated penetration of the first folding smartphones.

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