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Последний новината на годината, Благо готви голяма изненада (СНИМКИ)


The footballer of the Blessed Georgian is a good-for-good soccer player. Jisza's smile to the pretend to be a rabbit to his sweetheart. The day he did not speak to the mall for the Big Brother. And I will make a sudden end. And when he got there, he was expecting a bullet bag with a dagger in the morning.

"Sigurne, you are looking for. That is, he called the "before". The current situation is very different. Sigurne, who is my girlfriend, "said Blessed.

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The jar would have to be worn for a little more than a bite, for it would not be easy for you to go to bed. "When I'm winning, I'll go to the movie," he said, with a bit of a bang, Big Brador.

Playlists and bobbies of the phobobolist with a backlash of less than a month. For this year, it will be foreseen for the fate of the MMA warrior Georgy Valentinov, with the custody of the two years. The devotee is on the wall on the TV-set on "The Two Waters". Then, before going to bed, she said "K".

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