Saturday , February 27 2021

Пак ізненада! Nightmarishes in the windshield България заради снега (СНИМКИ) – БЛИЦ

Over the tide of the tops of the tops of the tops of the ridge, there is a rush of snow on the other side. The shutdown of the problems with the drive to the front door.

Grand Prix Thirno – Rousse in the area on the Polikrayech seagrass is charged with car crashing between two caravans. No posters. Carried out of cars by car. No matter what.

The thickness of the sun was high in the 5-centimeter of snow. Gradually, the bomber is in full swing, with the need to get rid of the squirrels.

For bigger ups and downs, you will not be able to park as much as you can.

The driving force behind the driver's license was delayed by three charges against the Nosovtsi settlement. The shipwreck of the road was in the city of Sofía, and the city was set up on the great shore of Sheremetai.

This is a great cause for this to be the result of the victory of Sophia by the power of bringing the people into the treasury. The Lord's Prayer is for the first time, but the Lord's Supper is not the word of the Lord.

It has been struck down by 6th day, and the saddle will stop again from the lights on Drogacheva! One of them is the sunshine that will be a pleasure to visit, and to work for a job. The problem is, and in the number of sophists, which have not been forgotten by the winter. He was angry at the end of the night.

Thousands of people have been attacked by the TIR and have been attacked by the rioters and the rioters have been attacked by TIR and have been killed by the riot police. TIR is a sign of the "LUKOIL" petrol station in Sofia.

Shofiari reports that the charges were not confused with the lobby and the "lulin" magazine, followed by the tunnel. "Snoring the bones, cleansing," the second one is podbash. As soon as the snowman slips down like a tackle to the magistrate.

The second person in charge of the information, his masterpiece is a blockbuster message for Pernik charging disaster. The catastrophe is on Arbanas, in the radical Radomir. The camo with the door is mounted on the mantel and stays in the bench on the bridge next to the pub.

The bottom line is not cleaned up, but it is very easy to use.

In Haskovo there is an organization for purification on the outside of the network. From the site, you will not be able to park your car by car, because it does not preclude snowmaking.

59 ltrs per square meter with densities in the burgundy region, close to Burgas. From 10-15 cm you will find the rectangle in the region of Otomania, Marinka, Izvorska, Chukarlijska, Lozovska, cactus and delta in Dolno Ezerovo. C 10 cm is increased and the surface is low in Sarafovo, measured on the ribbon. There are no signals for disaster choices or floods. The car breaks normally. There was a lot of water that was pretending to be in the bush. Dimitri Dimov. Shift to the maneuver.


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