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With multiple artists, Teleton 2018 achieves its goal and raises more than R $ 30 million.


Interesting weekend!

Last Friday, 9th, Saturday, 10th 2014 TeletonIn support of the AACD, we donated more than $ 30 million to the fund.

When thanking the public, collaborators and donors, Sina Bios Santos There was an emotional gesture when sending a special message to competing TV Globo. "I can only thank you guys. [telespectadores e empresas] They turned their attention to the telethon. Thanks to TV Globo and TV Bandeirantes, and lastly thanks to all the TV stations that sent the artists. Finally, record to all TV stations that have sent the artist. They are really helping us. It's not about Ibope anymore for one or the other. We also know that Globo is doing Criança Esperança & # 39; And if Globo needs SBT to join Criança Esperança, we will follow our instructions. What we need is helping people or organizations they really need ", Said the owner of the channel.

This version of the action features artists donating from many broadcasters ($ 30 million made by fund raising companies) and $ 4.5 million donations to achieve this year's goal. goal.

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