Tuesday , January 19 2021

Why does the RTX 3060 have more VRAM than the RTX 3060 Ti and even the RTX 3080? Nvidia explains

According to the company, the other option would be to use 6 GB VRAM on the video card

IN Nvidia announced today (12) the RTX 3060, the company’s video card made with Ampere architecture that aims to deliver the best value for money among the 30 models launched so far. The new member of the GeForce family drew attention to arrival with the price of $ 329 and bring 12 GB of VRD GDDR6, more dedicated memory than RTX 3060 Ti and even the RTX 3080.

While Nvidia has not yet released many details about the performance of the video card, which should be between the RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 Super, the manufacturer explained the reason for the amount of dedicated memory. According to Nvidia, the “fault” for the 12 GB VRAM lies with the memory bus used on the RTX 3060.

(Image: Nvidia / Disclosure)

According to the company, the RTX 3060 uses a memory bus 192 bits, that can be filled with 6 GB and 12 GB VRAM, The manufacturer collects the card with 6 GDDR6 2GB memory chips. “We prefer 12 GB to make the product more balanced,” explains Alexandre Ziebert, of Nvidia’s technical marketing.

8 GB is enough

IN RTX 3060 Ti, on the other hand, uses a memory interface 256 bits, which brings more speed and the performance of 8 or 16 GB VRAM, I and RTX 3080 has a bus 320 bits, that can be filled with 10 GB or 20 GB, In the above cases, the company opted for the lowest amount of RAM, which is already sufficient for high workloads with games.

According to Ziebert, Nvidia’s tests indicate that 8 GB of VRAM is already “more than enough” to make up the vast majority of recent games, including graphics on Ultra and resolutions above Full HD.

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That is, in the case of the RTX 3060, Nvidia finally reached the maximum of “better left than missing” and decided to strive for the highest amount of memory, which is ultimately positive for the use of resources such as Ray Tracing. The RTX 2060 also uses 192-bit memory and has only 6 GB of VRAM GDDR6, which ultimately limits the card to heavier loads when using real-time raytracing in certain games.

Cost advantage

Nvidia also states that making the video card with 8 GB of dedicated memory in 256 bits can make the product more expensive, which is based on the GA106 chip. That ultimately makes using 12 GB in 192 bits cheaper than choosing less VRAM.

“To make an RTX 3060 with a 256-bit bus, it would be necessary to use another GPU (larger, like the GA104 of the RTX 3060Ti), which has a 256-bit memory bus,” explains Ziebert. The faster interface would also require the use of more memory chips (eight instead of six). “Both components would make the card more expensive,” explains Nvidia’s technical marketing manager.

The RTX 3060 will be launched in February and will be available in the Founders version for US $ 329. The product has not yet received an estimated arrival or price for Brazil.

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