Saturday , December 4 2021

Vasco was inspired in 2001 to break rapper against São Paulo


With an exciting atmosphere in politics and a bad appearance with Alberto Valentim, even the optimistic Vascaíno is connected to tonight-match against São Paulo in São Januário. A storm could leave the team in a relegation league with only two other rounds left by the end of the Brasileirão and a 1-0 victory as a reminder for Vasco. But other than the story between the teams in the stadium LANSEN! declares.



Photo: LANSEN!

17 years ago, on November 25, the situation was quite different. Vasco had a prestigious cast, a recent Brazilian champion. And it was against São Paulo of Rogério Ceni, Luis Fabiano and Kaka in head: 7 to 1, entitled to three goals from Romário. At present, the coach PC Gusmao, now a technical cross-Maltese coach. The expectation of people is simply not the same, but Valentim believes they will make a difference again.

– I'm sure the supporter is helping us and support us a lot. The fans support the whole time, I realize that since my first game in Rio. Our team knows they play well, so we have to be remarkable. We will study their team well to prevent the last good performances – said the coach.

Times are no longer the same. In addition to the above victory, Vasco also has a Braziler champion of São Paulo in 1989, with Sorato's goal. This time it is faster: the last time the club Tricolor in São Januário in 2005. With the return of Maxi Lopez is the ideal moment to break the taboos and escape from relegation. The promise is full of home!


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