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Vale has the largest fall in more than one year and Petrobras loses $ 9.1 billion in market value


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Sao Paulo, Brazil (Reuters) – The sharp drop in rhizomes and iron ore has deleted Vale (VALE3) and Petrobras (PETR3) PETR4 shares, the Ibovespa was at a negative level on Friday.

The Ibovespa achieved 1.43%, at 86.230 points, with a financial solution of R $ 12.77 billion. In & # 39; week is the main index of & # 39; e B3 acuries loss of 2.64%.

The US currency was higher for the fourth consecutive session, the highest of August. The commercial dollar was 0.39%, recorded at R $ 3.882 in sales, and the future contract of # 39; Dollar for December increased 0.70%, to R $ 3.828.

Vale's shares dropped 6.83% to R $ 50.35, the largest distribution of assets since March 21, 2017, when it falls 8,19%. Petrobrasters hit 3,10%. Together, Petrobras and Vale lose 28 million R $ in brand value with "Black Friday" of types

Crude oil found 7 percent to Saudi Arabia39s oil minister-prescription that the country reached the export in this month after late April in October. In the last 7 weeks, science has devalued more than 30%.

Eletrobras (ELET6)

Eletrobras, which was 6% with the deletion of Auksas Distribuidora sales and the indication that Wilson Ferreira Júnior should go through with the company, gets strong in the news of the possible future minister of mines and energy .

According to Agência Infra, federal deputy Jaime Martins (PROS-MG) was invited to the position of Mines and Energy, sources in the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

In the radar of the company, the state changed the date of the sale of Amazonas Distribuidora until 10 December at 5:00. The sale was originally furnished before October 25, but went on November 27 after the Senate decided to refuse the bill that was influenced by the obligations of the representatives.

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In the opinion of Itaú BBA there will be no proposals for the approval of # 39; the new provisional measure. Until then analysts believe that no offer will be made to the risk of involvement in the consignment.

According to the utilities From the bank remains the main competitor for the asset, Ekatoriaal, who believe they have no danger of policy or policy issues.

"If you win the equatorial capital, it may be necessary to get capital to get balance." The speed will go things together and come in the coming months, we believe the chance of sales of up to the next year, too high, " write them.

According to Brazil, the event is positive, to supplement some improvements under the federal government law to facilitate privatization.

It is likely to note that, according to the Estadão, the future Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, indicated Bolsonaro has the sustainability of Wilson Ferreira for Eletrobras. For talks, Guedes said he was the work of Ferreira in the president's # 39; the state has approved. Bolsonaro has not yet hit the hammer, says the newspaper.

Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4)

The company's businesses hit this sessions strongly, resulting in a reduction in market value of R $ 9.1 billion for the company, to R $ 334 billion. Previously the downturn was still more striking, with the government of the state a strong 5% drop.

This move comes as oil to the lowest level in 2018 on Friday. The US-traded WTI-type barrel flew 7.7 percent in fear of oversupply within two weeks of a meeting of production countries. In the last 7 weeks, science has devalued more than 30%.

Vale (VALE3) and steel mills

Vale and steelmakers like CSN (CSNA3), Usiminas (USIM5) and Gerdau (GGBR4) reported a sharp drop. Besides iron ore, copper and other metals were down.

Vale's shares dropped 6.83% to R $ 50.35, the largest distribution of assets since March 21, 2017, when it falls 8,19%. The 62% iron ore iron ore in Qingdao sold 4.4% to $ 68.90, a drop of 8.26% in the week gets up and a dirty drop is in & nbsp; the big shares of the sector on the Brazilian stock exchange.

It is worthwhile to note that the major Chinese stock exchange Shanghai, the trading center, 2.5% closed, in new regenerated concerns about the mood of # 39; Trade with the United States. The bad mood came after reports that the US government tried to persuade allies to stop telecommunications from Chinese technology giant Huawei.

The Chinese are the world's largest consumers of ore and other basic metals and, in condemnations in the relationship with the US, the shares of care companies are meant.

In # 39 will be the presidents of # 39; United States Donald Trump and China Xi Jinping will be held in Argentina in the course of the G-20 ship.

Bank of Brazil (BBAS3)

Rubem Novaes, the future president of Banco do Brasil confirmed yesterday, said privatization is a priority. "We will look for operations that move the capital market," he said. "The government's guidance is effective, downsizing and privatization wherever possible. We will often fight the bank," he said.

According to Credit Suisse, the news of Novaes at BB is positive because its history will strengthen the focus of the bank on efficiency and profitability. In addition, the appointment strengthens the use of new leadership to appoint high-quality and experienced directors. Analysts at the Swiss bank grew BB as topographic in Latin America, followed by Bradesco (BBDC3; BBDC4).

Saraiva (SLED4)

Livraria Saraiva, the free retail chain in Brazil, has asked a jail to recapture Friday. With a debt of R $ 674 million, the company is the second business in the sector in just a month to protect the protection of ' the courts to restructure the debt and trying to operate. Livraria Cultura has been under judicial reorganization since the last month.

Troubled issues were earlier this year before the company started paying the fees for bookkeepers – their major suppliers. The company has again kicked off in recent months, and a new period of negotiations has begun. After they can not agree, decided the company for the judicial recovery.

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In the request for Justice, Saraiva has repeatedly tried to change his own business – a process that is being treated with the Galeazzi & Associados consulting office. In short, the company succeeded in buying the 19-point activity, which includes eight traditional stores and 8 iTown units, Mark Apple's sales of technology. During this process, 700 employees were cut off.

Another Saraiva measure would have to expand categories in which profitability is smaller – such as the sale of technology products, which has to have a weight gain like Via Varejo (owner of fire like Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio) and FastShop. The entry into the segment was decided a few years ago or an attempt to "safeguard" the perspective of falling sales.

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"In this move, Saraiva will generate tax credits, one of the most important reasons for the consumption of cash in the last few years, says the company in its judicial document. In order to bring electronic products and electronics into stores, the company needs to find a partnership with a network specialized in the sector, according to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.


Board members have approved a short-term loan of $ 55 million with Banco do Brasil. According to the company are the The loan was made on 14 November, with fixed costs of 4.67% in year (equivalent to 109.0% of 'cd').

Guararapes (GUAR3)

The board of Riachuelo's entire company, Guararapes, has promised to earn its financial poverty, Midway S.A. in a bank. The new institution will be a multiple bank, with commercial and credit portfolios, financing and investment. According to the company, the goal is "to serve customers through a digital platform."

Minerva (BEEF3)

Minerva has confirmed his request for the first official offer (IPO) of Athena Foods on Santiago Börse in Chile.

Eucatex (EUCA4)

Eucatex has approved the 7th edition of remuneration in R $ 120 million. According to the company, the problem will be in a single series of qualified investors and the paper will come 4 years, with a DI fee of 3.4pp / yr.


The International Meal Company issued a letter to Sapore, where it found the motives that led the company to bid its share. According to the company, such as a combination of business has already been done in the past, between the parties, Saporas representatives already have access to IMC information.

Still, according to IMC, Sapore has access to information about the company, its shareholders have to make a decision to make a decision about it. Therefore, the Board of Directors requires Sapore to inform the key concepts and conditions for a business combination of companies before the accepted offer is offered.

Via Varejo (VVAR11)

In trading trading on monday (26), the existing parties and UNIT are issued via Via Varejo in Level 2, will no longer be won by converting their expected share into joint shares. The common shares will be handled by New Market.

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