Monday , June 21 2021

Three clashes between Lula and the new lava judge

Sergio Moro, a federal judge who is due to leave the judiciary on behalf of the Attorney General of the Government of Jair Bolsonaro, Gabriela Hart I also clashed with the former president. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Lava Jato confronts him at the trial hearing.

In Lula's interrogation of the Atibaia site in Sao Paulo, tension between the PT and the magistrate at 3 pm on Wednesday at 3 pm.

At the beginning of the hearing, the judge asked if he knew what the former president was accused of in the case. President Lula did not want to explain himself. Gabriela raised charges of corruption and money laundering on charges of receiving bribes from contractors through the construction of Sao Paulo's property.

Pacific Time replied: On the other hand, Gabriela Hardt gave a harsh answer. "I am a doctor who has to answer, I do not have a question at this time, Your Excellency, I am an interrogator, I start with that tone and I have a problem, so let's start over. Ask questions to make your sentence clear, or let other colleagues sentence you. "

Roberto Batochio, a lawyer representing Lula, said he could stop the arguments and show what the former president wants. The magistrate said wildly: "He does not answer and ask questions about criticism or criticism."

"It's time for me to speak," Lula said in Gabriela, "It's time for me to answer my question, I will not answer questions or questions here, will I not be interrogated?"

The PT still said he did not "imagine" that he would. The judge said, "I did not think so, so start with the question, I have already summarized the indictment and I will ask you a question, you will be silent or I will answer."

PTP & # 39; Stimulation & # 39;

The second clash between President Lula and President Gabriela Hartte occurred after the former President condemned the complaint filed by the Federal High Prosecutor's Office for the third time in Guaraju (SP).

"If you take on the position of PT, all the PT affiliates, markets and wealthy people in Brazil will file lawsuits against prosecutors to prove PowerPoint," he said.

The judge disliked the proposal of the PT and said he was intimidating the prosecution. "You are intimidating such charges, Your Excellency, let us change color, intimidate, agitate, make you threaten to prosecute, I will not allow it, you will not say again, And if you do, you will be held accountable, "Gabriela reproved.

The magistrate continued to scold him with the intervention of former lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins. "You interfere with justice through some action you need to answer, answer, and provide information about. Our everyday tasks of keeping a response to subpoenas, information and irrelevant questions.

Friendship between Moro and Youssef

The third and final moment of the tension between the defendant and the judge has already occurred immediately after the second. Already in the question stage of Zanin from Lula. The lawyer questioned the process of national oversight in Pacific Standard Time, and the former president said that Lava Jato was innovating when he examined the nomination process in Petrobras. He gained this advantage by saying that "novelty" was probably due to "friendliness" of Sergio Moro and Alberto Youssef.

In the case of Petrobras, there was this question to cast doubt on the signs of people. It is sad. But it's possible that the main source of information is Moore's friend Youssef since Banestado. "

Gabriela Hardt replied to Lula, "I will not blame my colleague" to his lawyer.

"I do not blame, I'm telling the truth," Lula said. "It is not true, not because Moro is not Youssef's friend," he said. "But he kept him under surveillance for eight years," the PT claimed. "He has not been watched for eight years, so it is better to quit," Gabriela warned.

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