Wednesday , October 27 2021

The release of the FGTS for which it is possible to submit


The release of the FGTS for which it is possible to submit. In the case of senator Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES). At the moment, the money back is allowed to allow for the cause of the jarring and the casualty of casualties, such as the imaging, the identity of the titular, the fables of the organs or the tombs.

– Hoje, o trabalhador no there is FGTS. (In the project) The beneficiary will retire (to quantify) to buy your home or buy a mortgage which has been remunerated and will be sent to empowerment. There is a reversal of the antidote for the regret of flexibility, and as a result of the release of the use of funds – defenses and senators.

For a legislative agenda, the Lei Project (PL) 392/2016 is in item 8 of the Order of the Settlements Plenary. In the past, the reunion of the Senate readings, at 14h, has confirmed that it is a matter of deliberation on the other side. The expectations on the receipt of the PL positive for the author, I have the text that receives the favors of Paulo Paim (PT-RS).

By the way, there are arguments that a mudan was able to handle the embarrassment and prejudice of social programs by FGTS. A autora rejeita a ideia.

– Ninguém vai sair do emprego, en um momento de crise, para sacrare o FGTS. And this is not a detonation of the government's programs and programs, but it does not mean that it is a good thing to do. Contrary to the liberalization of FGTS movements and economics; It is used for emperors, such as Rose. Senado can votar, nesta terça, liberação do saque do FGTS a quem se demitir

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