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Pharmacy Commission, daylight saving time and medicines warning

Patients are advised to take one dose at a doctor's prescribed interval for the next dose.

05/11/2018 – 20:39:44 Last updated: 05/11/2018 – 20:43:43.

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Patients who have forgotten their dose can not double their next dose.

If the clock progresses within one hour with DST, it can confuse people using chronic medication or receiving long-term medication. It seems complicated, but the important thing is to keep a constant interval between one dose and the other. If the next dose is within the prescribed interval, the medication can be taken within one hour to meet daylight saving time.

Alisson Brandão, vice president of the Minas Gerais Council of Pharmacy (CRF-MG), says that treatment should be respected at regular intervals for success. "In order to get the desired effect, you need to digest the drug to validate your bloodstream and then start acting on your body." To maintain migration, an interval between one capacity and another is required. However, he pointed out that if a patient misses a dose, the next dose should not be doubled.

One thing to keep in mind is that different drugs interact and can interfere with the desired effect. "In these cases, you need the help of a pharmacist to adjust the time you take your medication and tell you about possible drug interactions that can exist," he adds.


Antibiotics should be doubled in treatment. This is because the microorganism can cause drug resistance when the patient does not follow the prescribed regimen. "You have to make sure that the drug is in the bloodstream, treat the infection, and do not let it work. Taking medication at the right time is key to your success," he explains. If the microorganism is resistant, it can be difficult to treat and the infection may become worse.

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