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The Lion King, Aladdin, Dumbo & # 39; and the present live action roulette of Disney


With the absolute success of & # 39;Beauty and the animal& # 39, & # 39;Alice in Wonderland& # 39, & # 39;Malevolent& # 39, & # 39;CinderellaEnMogli – The Wolf BoyDisney, deserves different upgrades of his classic theater for the upcoming generation.

With the launch of a wonderful, sensational and hard trailer of # 39; the new version of classical & # 39;The Lion King(The lion cook), we have separated you 8 life actions Disney to meet theater between 2019 and 2022.

The remake of & # 39;DumboIs straight through the master Tim Burton, has worked Disney in Alice in Wonderland & # 39; (2010) and & # 39; Frankenweenie & # 39; (2012), alongside some projects at the beginning of his career.

On the plot, Holt Farrier is a former circus star that returns from a war and finds its world up. The circus there he works, goes through great difficulties, and he is responsible for the inclusion of a new oil, the whole ear to make him a joke. Holt's children find out however that the small elephant is a great feat.

Cast presents Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin en Joseph Gatt.

The long national film teabags debut March 28, 2019.

Disney rented the silence Guy Ritchie, & # 39; franchise & # 39;Sherlock HolmesFor the live action of & # 39;Aladdin"Those who are inspired by the classic 1992.

The Writer's Idea John August is to hit the story that the world has wounded in the 1990s US $ 500 million In the world, as the highest growth of that year, the animation has captured two Oscars.

Marwan Kenzari live the jester, Naomi Scott and Jasmine, Mound Massound en Aladdin & # 39; en Will Smith dubs of Lamp Genie. The cast also features Navid Negahban (Sultan), Nasim Pedrad (Dahlia), Billy Magnussen (Anders) and Numan Acar (Hakim).

noAladdinFan & # 39; the classic in animation, Robin Williams was the one who made the voice and served as a visual inspiration for the character.

The movie is in theater May 24, 2019.

Walt Disney has the SPECTACULAR trailer of a live action version of # 39;Lion King & # 39;, adjustment of # the classic animation that has been processed $ 987 million in 1994.

The project comes out of hands Jon Favreau, the same where the successful computer graphics and live action plugin is # 39;Mogli – The Wolf Boy& # 39 ;.

The premiere comes here on the day July 18, 2019, one day before the American premiere. The film will be released 3D, 2D en IMAX.

The closet brings Beyonce such as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor will Scar, Seth Rogen will live the Pumbaa, Billy Eichner will be Timon Donald Glover the Simba.

Besides Nala's upgrade, Beyonce will be responsible for the soundtrack.

The studio has also been made famous Eric André such as Azizi, Florence Kasumba such as Shenzi, Keegan-Michael Key like Kamari, Id McCrary like the young Simba and Shahadi Wright Joseph like the young Nala.

The premiere was done July 18, 2019.

Niki Caro, of unlimited & # 39;The Warsaw Zoo"Waard hired to live the live action"Mulan& # 39 ;.

The studio also looks like names Patty Jenkins (& # 39; Wonder Woman & # 39;) en Michelle MacLaren (& # 39; Broken Bath & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39;).

De chinees Liu Yifei lives the protagonist. The actress is known as Crystal Liu, one of the popular actresses of this generation in the country, when he was accused of & # 39; for a long time & # 39; The Forbidden Kingdom & # 39;, with Jackie Chan.

Jet Li the emperor of China will be in film. Gong Li was in # 39 roll in & # 39; The role given in the & # 39; The plot, which has a big change over the original animation.

The live action of Mulan & # 39; must have one of the last films in & # 39; history. According to information from the Pursue NewsA Disney is willing to invest more or more US $ 290 million in production, something business or what they have seen Beneficiaries: Invalid War & # 39;, cost you US $ 321.2 million.

Rick Jaffa en Amanda Silver are the writers.

The film will review the Chinese legend of 'rule' Hua Mulan, Warrior who himself did not want to replace the weak father in military service. The character has already been written in an animation of 1998.

The original anime feature grew by $ 304.3 million worldwide, won Golden Globe nominations, Oscar and played a sequel in 2005 director on DVD,Mulan 2 – The Legend goes through& # 39 ;.

The premiere is planned March 27, 2020.

The following studio character to win a live action movie Tinker Bell (after Sininho), you will be living Reese Witherspoon in movieThink& # 39 ;.

Victoria Strouse (& # 39; Search for Dory) will be responsible for the script for the function, and a director will be briefly known.

The story will begin the youth of a woman who dreams of an adult female. It is the word to note that the character is already Julia Roberts outHook(1991).


One of the greatest successes of Walt Disney Animation Studios is also to get a live action version. The classic & # 39;The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid will soon receive a version with real actors.

Sofia Coppola came negotiation in direct, but left the project – looking for a new director. Kelly Marcel (Fyftich Shades of Gray) writes the new version.

The actress Lindsay Lohan it is campaign to live the protagonist!

& # 39;The Little MermaidIt is inspired by the book of the same name Hans Christian Andersen and moved in 1837. The story tells of a navy named Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton, commander of Seven Seas. Not happy about her life, she wants to walk among people to know her better, but is always banned by her father, who consider people as "fish-eat barbarian."

Until she was in love with a young prince and, to meet him, decided to come up with Ursula, the kingdom's witches, who received their donations and become a real man. Ursula, however, has plans and includes the conquest of Triton's kingdom.

A Disney is a development of a live action for # 39;FantasyClassic Studio animation published in 1940. Disney's third-animated feature & # 39;FantasyComplete eight segments, each accompanied by classic music Leopold Stokowski and his orchestra.

The movie with actors will see the history of # segment & # 39;In the night at Monte Calvo(Night on the top of the hill) about a dark creature that lives on a mountain and the spirits of the dead on # 39; Halloween Night.

Matt Sazama en Burk Sharpless will serve as writing producers and producers of the project, even without a definite scheme.

Walt Disney Pictures goes forward with a live action project centered on Cruella de Vil, the iconic murder of Dalmatian & nbsp; & numsp;.

Alex Timbersco-founder of & # 39;Mozart in Jungle& # 39 ;, he lights.

Jez Butterworth (& # 39; 007 Against Specter & # 39;) writes the writing Kelly Marcel (& # 39; Walt in # Backstreet by Mary Poppins & # 39;).

Emma Stone (The Spectacular Spider-Man & # 39;) has already been registered to play Cruella. The new movie will be a story of origin, according to the same line of & # 39;Malevolent& # 39 ;.

The team also has an illustrative name: Glenn Close, Crucella has played Dalmatian & nbsp; & numsp; en Dalmatian & # 39;, is produced producer of film.

The character appeared in 1956, made by the writer Dodie Smith in the book Dalmatian & nbsp; & numsp; (The One Hundred and One Dalmatian). Four years later, Disney developed the first film adaptation of the story, into form of animation.

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