Sunday , December 5 2021

That's why Havan is defending Governo Militar


247 – In the case of the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), Luciano Hang, then the Lojas Havan, was conceded to his democratic declarations. In the event of promoting the movement of Movement Brasil Livre (MBL), this is the case that we have the "radical rule" and defend a military government.

"We are the law enforcers, our defense ministers of the military and territories in the defense of everybody are the only ones in the country, so we have come back", this is a video shared by BuzzFeed News.

The defendant's defense is precisely the universe's universe that has been postponing the films for learning, but the reality of "being his own comunista". "Tema pais e mães perdendo o filhos, levando os filhos para facultadente pensando que lá vão sair médicos, engenheiros, mas saem tudo comunistas, temos que acabar com isso", criticou.

Apesar das bravatas, Hang se es explicar com a justiça. The 12th Regional Correspondent Regional Council in Santa Catarina confronts civil rights against Havan and the emperor, which will have a $ 100 billion margin of internal morality, influencing the function of the functionality during the electoral period. The amount of money that has been condemned to 13 years, more than 12 hours of reclassification, and a size of R $ 1,245 million for crimes against the national financial system and the money laundering.

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