Friday , July 30 2021

Subway Station has reported and fought to the end of Paulistão – Sport

At the exit of the stadium Morumbi, County Dublin hotels came to confrontation after the Sunday match Corinthians, near to the Santo Paulo-Morumbi station, at & # 39; a yellow metal line. In a video, you can see people and get bombs in the middle of cars.

Major Ricardo Xavier, the head of the Military Security Police at the stadiums, has taken the direction State that was preceded by the method, at the Morumbi stadium. According to him, the offense is a lot of hours after the end of one's classic, when the Shock Batall had already left the stage.

"It's a common part, the drive is small and it doesn't have many people, the subway closes a moment to reorganize itself and it's slowly free, the fans are angry and starting, trying to catch," he said.

However, some videos are interrupted on the Internet, a battle among São Paulo fans. In one of the video's, there are a lot of banter and one says "they'll kill the man". There were also reports that there was blood on the floor of the drive and a smell of piper spray. "I still have to be found, I have received nothing about this case," said the Major.

Since 2016, the classic Paulista is being performed with a unique twist. This Sunday only fans from São Paulo went to Morumbi. "It is important to note that policing works well in the vicinity of the stadium and there was no incidence or incident," said the big one.

Earlier, at Ferraz de Vasconcelos, 42 km from the stadium, a battle between fans of São Paulo and 14 champions wounded. Five people were arrested, one was charged and two were arrested. Some images that circulate in social networks show that people with stick and iron are in a confrontation.

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