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Small family controls Retail Via with purchase of GPA stake At

© Reuters. – The novel about selling the party of Grupo Pão de Açúcar (SA 🙂 (GPA) in Via Varejo (SA 🙂 ends in the morning of this Tuesday. In a material fact, the GPA is informed that it will receive more of a bid of R $ 4.75 per share from its business owner, Michel Klein, and later for the 36.27% control he holds in the & # 39; # 39; a retailer in which the main burns Casas are Bahia and Ponto Frio.

The execution of & # 39; A GPA sleep in Via Varejo will reward through B3 posting with a minimum price of R $ 4.75 per share, with Klein and partners submitting one or more purchases of 'papers'. The sale was approved last night by GPA governance agreement.

Small partners in our acquisition have been released. Via Varejo's stocks, in the last week, scientists have speculation about sales. In & nbsp; justice & & 39; a session ended the stocks trading at R $ 5.00.


Present edition of "Valor Econômico's newspaper" reports that Klein met with Starboard and Apollo Global Management representatives last Friday. Although they are the pre-calls and the two stakeholders previously came in with XP Asset Management – that would also be in & # 39; a tip – sources that are trusted with the paper that is in front of the chats.

On Monday, Lauro Jardim's column, O Globo, reported that XP would put $ 2.3 billion into trading. Valor reported that the director's goal belonged to one of the leading brokerage companies of & # 39; e countries to have a maximum of 5% of one's controller, up to the 2% active maintenance.

The steps of & # 39; s sales

There is a lot of speculation about potential Via Retailers since the GPA is interested in displaying its positions in one retailer. Travelers in the national press gained interest from Lojas Americanas (SA 🙂 to Amazon (NASDAQ :). In the case of the US brand, Via Varejo was seen as the gateway, because Amazon did not have the infrastructure to start its operations in Brazil on a scale similar to its presence at & # 39; an American brand.

The dealer came out of an old acquaintance. In addition to speculation, the Via Varejo Board has changed its & # 39; representation of & # 39; A company was able to facilitate the progress of GPA.

The famous poison pool & # 39; has been removed from & # 39; s input. The clause has offered the purchase of a share of more than 20% of Via Varejo to an offer for other minority members within 60 days. Without them, the conditions have not been expanded and can be negatively received by the brand. In & # 39; the case of the business is the importance of being sold to return results with the & # 39; an active controller.

Small strategy

To activate the operation, the business assistant became XP Asset Management, which has the mission to attract investment.

The press reports that the entrepreneurial structure is structurally structured with fund-raising funds to buy the business, with the entrepreneur being presently involved. The goal was to get the GPA shares in Via Varejo to make no changes to the control of a retailer.

Small attention to making the transaction voucher is acceptable, which would oblige the buyer to extend the offer to minority members. However, with the painting of GPA papers, the Klein family can become the majority trader with their 25% standing and also satisfy the company at & # 39; a website is included.

Small research other companies

Entrepreneur Michael Klein sold more than 30 stores at the end of May, raising and receiving R $ 400 million from a $ 250 million debt that is actively charged, according to sources near the transaction belong to Brasil Journal.

Singapore's Sovereign Fund (GIC), which already operates with Klein and HSI Investimentos, a realization business manager who had already bought two two sales for the very beginning of the year ; $ R $ 250 million, were among the merchants of this fee. stores.

This series of operations was seen as a way that it has the entrepreneur for making an offer through Via Varejo. Together, the transactions are clear signals that Klein cancels the relevant liquidity for its expected supply for Via Varejo

Brazil Journal also points out that Klein can still raise money by selling a premium portfolio in October with as many as R $ 2 billion in distribution powers.

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