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Salim Mattar accepts invitation from Guedes to manage privacy


Mattar is founder and president of Board of Localiza, one of the largest car sales companies in the country

Machado da Costa


23 Nov 2018, 13:55 – Posted on Nov 23, 2018, at 13:25

The economic team of Jair Bolsonaro reported on Friday 23rd day that the expert Salim Mattar accepted the invitation of the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes to accept the General Secretariat of Privatization and Decomobilization. The secretariat will be created as part of the structure of the Ministry of Economy.

The portfolio will be responsible for the privatization that the government has to do. This is one of the pillars of & # 39; the economic plan. According to Guedes, the government can get over 500 billion reais in the coming years. According to Guedes's advice, the new secretariat will be responsible for the representation, demobilization and search for greater efficiency in the management of the waves of & nbsp; the Union.

Mattar, although below to Guedes, must work very well with Joaquim Levy, elected for the BNDES. The development bank plays an important role in providing the key business to find the privacy.

Mattar is the founder and chairman of the Localiza Council, one of the & # 39; the largest car sales companies in the country. The expert, who has a wealth of 18 million reais, has been involved in politics for a while. In 2014 he made campaign donations the total of 1.75 million reais. At that time, sources for the campaigns of Carlos Melles and Gustavo Correa, Democrats, Cássio Cunha Lima, PSDB and Marcel Van Hattem, were in that time in the PP.

This year, Mattar supported the Romeu Zema (New) camp, appointed Governor of Minas Gerais. He received 700,000 reals after the then candidate and was responsible for nearly half of the total collected by Zema. All donations were made as individuals, including 2014.

The entrepreneur is a member of the Millennium Institute, an organization made by Guides and other economies to promote liberalism, and the Liberal Institute. Her associations show that the businessman has strong liberal convictions. He was also one of the founders of the Institute for Leadership Training (IFL).

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