Saturday , July 24 2021

Rorainópolis will have reinforcements from more than 100 health professionals

Workers were called to work in care at the Sul Ottomar de Souza Pinto Regional Hospital

More than 100 new healthcare professionals were called to work at the Sul Ottomar de Souza Pinto Regional Hospital, in the municipality of Rorainópolis. The Roraima government will be hiring new staff from various areas through the health department to strengthen the work in the unit,

Next Monday, 03, the callers will be able to present the documents and sign the note for the start of activities. This is the third call for calling the simplified selection process for the health care reserve register, carried out by the portfolio.

The range of vacancies was focused on the positions of social worker, biochemist, nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, ambulance driver, psychologist, laboratory, nurse and health care assistant.



The necessary documents are:

1. Identity card or other official document with photo

2. CPF

3. Election title

4. PIS

Banknote of Banco do Brasil

6. Registration with the Professional Registry Council (excluding health care assistants, in the functions of pharmacist and make-up artist)

7. Self-declaration of physical condition and mental health

8. Updated proof of residence (water or electricity bills, lease agreement or notary declaration)

9. Proof of registration qualification for e-Social

GOVERNMENT – For Governor Antonio Denarium, the measure is a demonstration of improving the state’s public health. Today, thank God, we have more than 100 professionals who can and are interested in public health and, for us, this is the best proof that all changes will be achieved and we will have better health for the people of Roraima. I rebuilt health and I hope the best result of this work we do to benefit the people of Roraima to Roraima ??, stressed Governor Antonio Denarium

According to Health Secretary Marcelo Lopes, the new hires are part of the planning built by management, following the guidance of Governor Antonio Denarium to provide the necessary staffing so that the health units are structured.

?? From the first moment we took over the portfolio, we realized the need to improve the management model and strengthen the number of professionals in the healthcare field. That we started the survey to identify the most critical areas, we defined the forms of hiring and we started the selection processes ??, confirmed the secretary.

According to Mônica Trindade, a member of the sectoral selection committee, the invited candidates should present themselves at the Sul Ottomar de Sousa Pinto Regional Hospital headquarters, Rodovia BR 174, 1,500, Jardim Tropical, Rorainópolis, and they should not forget the documentation.

?? Applicants should pay attention to the submission time before signing the contracts. They can go to the unit from 9am to 5pm and can be sure that the work is done in a safe and organized manner. This is yet another advancement for the health of the interior, which will have a renewed and strengthened staff. We wish you all a warm welcome and say that it is a pleasure to have you with us on this trip ??, he added.

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