Monday , October 25 2021

Real Madrid athlete sender can mark the future exit of the club


Real Madrid sees a period of instability in seasons and can show one of its principal resources in the # 39; the coming weeks. The daily As the response to Isco, is depicted by Santiago Solari of # 39; the progress of Rome. At the Olympic Stadium the Spaniard was wasted and did not know where it was when it was in the stadium stadium in Italy. Clearly injured by dividing the assault, the Mind was left by experts and trained by the advent of Real at the Olympics.

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The athlete is not used as starter of Solari and can hang Santiago Bernabeu in the upcoming seasons. The Spanish press presents the bad appearance of Spaniard in a 5-1 win over Barcelona in # the Camp Nou as one of the largest & # 39; birds of # 39; a young retirement of # starter.

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Three months after the start of the European season, Isco scored only 13 performances and scored two goals. The last goal scored by the mid was still in September for the Uefa Champions League, against Roma in Spain.

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