Saturday , May 28 2022

Rafael revela recusa in Flamengo and then the jokes of Fluminense and Botafogo


His heart was temporarily in Lyon, and later Rafael was named as Flamengo. In Esporte Interativo, the prerequisite guaranteed that the information will be delayed: The Rubro Negro has a proposal to return, with the recipient defending, declining in the United States:

Finally, the Mercado da Bola will be able to get in and out of time

"I've been trying to do something right now, I do not want to go back to Brasil." Flamengo Agradeço has said, but my vote is not a vote in Brasil, "Rafael said, following his preference in a post-election post:

Semi da Sul-Americana, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bundesliga and more: a semana no FOX Sports

"I do not think Brasil, I just love football, the club is in Botafogo, time to go, and the Fluminense, just about the time on botafoguense," finalized.

Revelado pelo Tricolor the Laranjeiras, Rafael era sensation at the base of the Fábio. Negotiated with Manchester United in 2008, it was the fifth grade in 2015. At the moment, the lateral is about 28 years.

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